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FearMaker Gregory Blair Returns With “Garden Party Massacre”

Here at We Are Indie Horror, we are always excited to have the latest announcements from previous FearMakers. Through creating this community, we have established a brand of up and coming artists and their success is always a joy to see. Today we have the latest news from 2016 FearMaker Gregory Blairand his latest film Garden Party Massacre. The comedy-horror takes a different angle than Blair‘s p...[Read More]

‘Everlasting,’ From FearMaker Anthony Stabley, on Prime

Super Grande Films and Indie Rights are teaming up to release Everlasting, a crime thriller directed by past FearMaker Anthony Stabley. The film is currently available through Amazon Prime. Everlastingwon the Jury Award for Best Feature at the 17th annual Nevermore Film Festival earlier this year and it was nominated for Best Feature at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival in London. Eve...[Read More]

Review: ‘RWD’ Rewinds the Found Footage to Its Roots

Ever since Paranormal Activity the indie horror community has been inundated by a slew of “found footage” movies becoming an increasingly popular breeding ground for budding filmmakers to flex their talent. And it comes to no surprise as those type of films are relatively easy to shoot with even the most infinitesimal of budgets. Even then, the found footage genre has grown so much that in an atte...[Read More]

‘The Ice Cream Truck’ Releases New Poster

Whenever we get news about one of our former Featured FearMakers, it’s always good. Megan Freels Johnston, who was featured on our site back in November, has recently released a new poster for her latest film, The Ice CreamTruck, as well as distribution for 2017. Her first feature film, the micro-budgeted Rebound, has gained a cult following after it’s VOD release. The Ice Cream Truck stars Deanna...[Read More]

Former Featured FearMaker Gets UK Premiere For ‘Tonight She Comes’

One of the things we love here at We Are Indie Horror is watching our Featured FearMakers grow both personally ad professionally. One of the first FearMakers to be featured on our site back in early 2015, Matt Stuertz, is now announcing his world premiere of his latest film, Tonight She Comes, at Grimmfest in Manchester, UK. After a girl goes missing, two of her friends and a mysterious set of str...[Read More]

Folk Horror ‘Dogged’ Evolving to Feature Film

Earlier in the year, We Are Indie Horror featured the short film Dogged and its Kickstarter campaign in hopes for the filmmakers to expand their short into a feature length film. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter, Dogged has begun principal photography very late in August. In what is expected to be an 18 day shoot, the film by director Richard Rowntree will star Sam Saunders and Toby Wynn-Davies ...[Read More]

“The History of Metal and Horror” Has New Clip With New Campaign

About one year ago We Are Indie Horror introduced you to Mike Schiff and his upcoming documentary which combines two sub cultures which very much intertwine. The History of Metal and Horror was on Indiegogo looking for funding to show how the two genres mix via fans and content. The New York filmmaker spent most of 2015 and much of this year traveling around the country gathering interviews from s...[Read More]

Hollywood Horror Museum Update

Back in October we informed the community of a brand new project sure to bring smiles to the faces of many called The Hollywood Horror Museum. For those unaware, The Hollywood Horror Museum is a project put together by some of the greatest minds in horror in attempt to bring education of the horror genre to the masses. This would be the word’s first educational nonprofit Horror museum. It plans to...[Read More]

“The Unkindness of Ravens” Premieres at FirghtFest 2016!

A few months back We Are Indie Horror introduced the community to an independent project from some of the most talented group of story tellers across the Atlantic. That particular crowdfunding campaign went on to be the most-funded UK horror ever on Kickstarter. We are talking about none other than Lawrie Brewster‘s The Unkindness of Ravens. Over the weekend an incredible announcement came from th...[Read More]

FearMaker Mary C. Russell Creating Animal Cloud Video And Needs Your Help

Alternative elctropop band Animal Collective has an incredibly mysterious background. One such so that nobody but them know their past. Their profile reads as follows: The origins of Animal Cloud are unclear. Some say their band formed after a meteor fell to Earth and other people say it was a scientific experiment that went wrong at NASA. The band consists of members False Hope, Bells, and What I...[Read More]

FearMaker Josh Hancock Releases “The Devil And My Daughter” TODAY!

We Are Indie Horror loves all facets of horror and one of our favorites is getting lost in a physical copy of a good book. Clive Barker and Neil Gaimen are established horror authors with a huge following and as much as we love them, we are here to bring you the newest name to hit those ranks in our offices. FearMaker Josh Hancock has crossed these pages before and today we are proud to discuss hi...[Read More]

K. Pervaiz’ “Maya” Turning Heads At Festivals

“When night falls, keep your children indoors, for the devils are out and about at this time. When an hour of the night goes by, you can let them go.” Sahîh al-Bukhârî: (3280, 5623) K. Pervaiz, who was a Featured FearMaker last year, has recently finished her debut feature film Maya through her production company Bad Wolf Films. The film was written and directed by Pervaiz, who also co-stars in th...[Read More]

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