FearMaker Josh Hancock Releases “The Devil And My Daughter” TODAY!

We Are Indie Horror loves all facets of horror and one of our favorites is getting lost in a physical copy of a good book. Clive Barker and Neil Gaimen are established horror authors with a huge following and as much as we love them, we are here to bring you the newest name to hit those ranks in our offices. FearMaker Josh Hancock has crossed these pages before and today we are proud to discuss his latest piece of work titled The Devil And My Daughter. To find out more about how an english teacher quenches his thirst for horror and the path he took to get there click HERE for his Featured FearMaker article from last year.

Josh Hancock’s previous work, The Girls Of October, took over our October with a page turner of horror asking what is real and what is fiction. The style Josh tells his stories in is a unique format that may take a minute to get used to. He uses documents from multiple sources to tell a complete chilling story from a multitude of perspectives. This particular style of storytelling allows for a complete immersive experience into a real world of terror.

As of today Josh Hancock’s second novel is officially available for purchase. The Devil And My Daughter is formatted in a similar fashion to The Girls Of October. By utilizing a collection of essays, news articles, interviews, scripts, and film scholarship, The Devil And My Daughter tells a horrific story of the occult, Satanic possession, and ritual murder. All three elements are right up this office space’s ally! What follows is the print on the back cover of the new novel:

1944: In the heavy pillars of smoke that rise from the crematoriums at Auschwitz, Nazi soldiers hope to catch a glimpse of Moloch, the pagan god of child sacrifice, to whom the Third Reich owes so much of its vile success…

1977: A teenage boy writes a heavy metal song about an ancient evil spirit, unaware that the grisly lyrics will unleash a terrifying figurehead from the bowels of history…

1987: College students and best friends Debra and Charlene are determined to make a demonic possession movie more frightening than The Omen and more gruesome than The Exorcist. But when they hire a rock band to pen the film’s “satanic soundtrack,” the young filmmakers are confronted with a supernatural entity determined to plunge Charlene into a world of impossible terror and human sacrifice…an entity with the burning-coal eyes of a demon and the razor-sharp horns of a bull…

Josh is highly inspired by classic horror cinema and all things scary. His first novel drew direct inspiration from John Carpenter’s HalloweenTobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacreand William Friedkin’s The ExorcistThe Devil And My Daughter was also inspired by classic horror films but this time not so mainstream. The film mentioned as a direct inspiration is the underground classic by Amando de OssorioDemon Witch Child also known as The Possessed

We Are Indie Horror cannot wait to get our hands on The Devil And My Daughter. Centering around witchcraft and occults certainly has gained our attention. We are working on an exclusive and special surprise for the community from author Josh Hancock for the near future, so please stay patient and news will come soon.

Currently The Devil And My Daughter can be purchased via Amazon through the Burning Bulb Publishing aStore at the links below. Pick up your copy before they sell out!