“The Marshall Family” Reveals Deep Family Secrets, Getting Ready To Find Funding

“The Marshall Family” Reveals Deep Family Secrets, Getting Ready To Find Funding

Writer and Director Shane Michaels is currently hard at work putting together the final touches on pre-production for his upcoming film, The Marshall Family. The home invasion horror- thriller is gearing up for their June 6th Indiegogo campaign in which they hope to raise enough funds to make their film.

An average family’s lives are interrupted suddenly one evening by a sadistic killer out for blood and chaos. At first, the Marshall’s lives are beginning to change for the better. Rick, a small town police officer and his wife, Candice are about to become parents for the second time; their first child, Amy, is a senior in high school with great prospects for college. When a broken pipe interrupts their day a plumber is called in to fix the situation, however all is not what it seems with this man.

When the family of three is taken hostage in their own basement by the plumber, they are subjected to his brutal physical and psychological torture. Having no particular motive, this plumber satisfies his twisted desires by playing family with the Marshalls. All he wants is a little time with the family.

The film is currently set to star Bill Oberst Jr. as the intruder. The Script penned by Ashley Borer, Stephen Corron, Cindy Hutchins, Shane Michaels, and Brentt Slabchunk. Rather than make a regular crowdfunding campaign, they are doing things a little different.

Instead of giving out rewards like t-shirts and DVD’s, Michaels has decided to alternatively reward his donors with one or more of the over 29,000 frame stills from the film. As their support grows, more perks will be made available to ALL donors of any amount. This is a bold move, allowing all donors to partake in every perk can give people less of a reason to donate more money, but hopefully enough people believe in The Marshall Family to donate enough to make the feature film.

Before The Marshall Family launches its crowdfunding campaign, they are currently gathering a team on Thunderclap, a social media app which blasts announcements via the pages of those who signed up. You can add yourself to The Marshall Family Thunderclap by clicking on the link below.