FearMaker Megan Freels Serves Up Next Film – “The Ice Cream Truck”

FearMaker Megan Freels Serves Up Next Film – “The Ice Cream Truck”


Not too long ago We Are Indie Horror featured a woman who knew how to turn her surroundings into a film. She was able to tell her story on an incredibly minimal budget and by utilizing favors. Megan Freels brought the world Rebound, which you can find on Amazon. Today comes the news that indie horror filmmaker has decided on her next project and it sounds delicious.

The Ice Cream Truck will be chiming down your street in 2016 from writer, director, and producer Megan Freels. Although having a few films under her belt, this is the first time she has felt the film truly represents her as an artist. Hilary Barraford has also jumped on as producer. With Freels as a writer and set to direct, The Ice Cream Truck is slated for a May 2016 shoot date. The film promises to be campy, artsy, and of course deliver on all sorts of gore; more than enough to please any horror fan.

The story for The Ice Cream Truck is as follows:

Mary’s husband gets relocated for work which allows her to move back to her suburban hometown. As Mary’s family ties up loose ends back home, she moves into their new house all alone and ….waits. Although her familiar suburb is a constant reminder of her youth, something seems strange. A local Ice Cream Man with a love of nostalgia starts to kill some of her neighbors. Mary is torn between her mature instincts that something wrong and the distracting memories of her younger days.

Like most indie horror filmmaking, the crew tends to remain the same. Megan Freels is pulling a number of people from Rebound to help make this crazy film a reality. Editor Eric Potter, sound mixer Stephen Tibbo, composer Michael Boating, and cinematographer Stephen Tringali are set to return for The Ice Cream Truck. The film will star horror veteran Deanna Russo who you can find in the under the radar flick Rest Stop.

The film is set to be told from a woman’s POV and promises to be a nice throwback to the days of ol’. We Are Indie Horror is very proud when our FearMakers continue to make films and we will be sure to keep you up to date on this sweet treat. In the meantime check out the poster work and support anyway you can.