“Second Origin” Rebuilds the Post Apocalyptic Movie

We’ve all watched countless movies about post-apocalyptic worlds, like WaterworldMad MaxTurbo Kid, or Zombieland. Spanish writer and director Carles Porta is changing the view on the sub-genre with his new film Second Origin. The film, written by Bigas Luna, is based off  Manuel de Pedrolo‘s 1973 hit novel by the same name.The book has sold over 2 million copies worldwide, and is considered a cornerstone in contemporary Catalan literature.

The film stars  Rachel Hurd-Wood, Andrés Batista, and Sergi López


The whole of humanity has vanished. The only two survivors, the 20-year-old Alba and the 10-year-old Dídac, are living in a devastated world. In order to survive on this planet in ruins, they must start from scratch. Together they will have to rebuild not only their own lives but also those of the whole of humanity. Because when everything seems lost, love is the only survival handbook.

The story seems to revolve around a rebirth of the human race as opposed to it’s destruction. It’s not too often we see a movie within our beloved genre that tells a story from a different point of view. Based on the trailer, which is in Spanish with no subtitles, gives us all we need to know to want to fall in love with this feature length film. Second Origin has a Spanish release date of October 9, but no immediate plans to make its way across any borders. Until then, enjoy the trailer and a few screenshots from the film.