Matthew Trask’s ‘The Congregation’ Available for Pre-Order

The Congregation is the upcoming book from We are Indie Horror’s Featured FearMaker Matthew Trask. His 124-page book is described as a crime-fiction novel with shades of horror, as something that resembles a cross between David Lynch’s small town TV series Twin Peaks, and the religious parable Robert Eggers’ The Witch The book’s official synopsis reads as follows: “When the body of a woman is foun...[Read More]

Review: ‘Starblood’ Graphic Novel Celebrates Female Sexuality

The award-winning novel Starblood, from Scottish horror author Carmilla Voiez, is making a glorious comeback. This time around, her story about passionate love, magic, and demons will be liberated from the confinements of text, and will be accompanied by the ethereal and ghostly artwork of Belarus artist Anna Prashkovich. Part of the Starblood Trilogy, the first installment is now available (as of...[Read More]

‘Kindergarten’ Book, Nightmares of Children and Fatherhood

The best art comes from a dark area of the mind and is best expressed as a tangible manifestation in the form of art. Whether coping with inner demons or dealing with anxieties and worries, art has a way of expressing what ails us in a way that words just cannot fully encapsulate. “Kindergarten” is a short story and visual illustration book that has now been fully funded and ready to go. The brain...[Read More]

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Welcomes It’s Newest Spirit, The Iron Master

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor entertains and frightens guest every year with their spectacular haunts around and aboard the haunted Queen Mary. This year they welcome their newest spirit, The Iron Master, in the new maze Intrepid. Read the story of The Iron Master below, and get ready to board Dark Harbor this Halloween Season. Ivan was the ship builder and original iron forger of the majestic R.M.S. Q...[Read More]

Daniel Beer Of “Creepshow 2” Launches New Novel “The Silence Of Remembering”

The horror community may have it’s fair share of arguments on who would win in a fight, Michael or Jason. Or maybe the conversation is what is the scariest film of all time. One thing the community can agree on is the cult classic status of the Creepshow films. Creepshow 2 was a solid sequel providing the same fun as the first. Now one of the actors, Daniel Beer from the segment The Raft is switch...[Read More]

BEWARE THE MOON: American Werewolf In London Doc Book Available For Pre-Order

There is little to no doubt that when it comes to werewolf sagas, John Landis’ American Werewolf In London is the quintessential 80’s werewolf flick. This timeless film has appeared on more than half of the inspirational films list from our FearMakers, Rick Baker’s transformation scene is a staple in the make-up world. From Paul Davis, writer and director of the award-winning documentary Beware th...[Read More]

Motorpsychos – 5 Slasher Movies Featuring A Killer In A Motorcycle Helmet

Horror trends come and go. Killer dolls, cannibal rednecks, and oh, so many zombies. But what of the ones that have been forgotten? Today, We Are Indie Horror knocks the dust off these dirt devils to bring you a breakdown of cult horror movies featuring Motorcycle Riding Maniacs who use nothing but a spooky black helmet to cover their identity. What Have They Done To Your Daughters? (1974) This sl...[Read More]

FearMaker Josh Hancock Releases “The Devil And My Daughter” TODAY!

We Are Indie Horror loves all facets of horror and one of our favorites is getting lost in a physical copy of a good book. Clive Barker and Neil Gaimen are established horror authors with a huge following and as much as we love them, we are here to bring you the newest name to hit those ranks in our offices. FearMaker Josh Hancock has crossed these pages before and today we are proud to discuss hi...[Read More]

9 Must-See Indie Horror Films From The Last 10 Years

With the recent success and praise of stylish indie chillers like It Follows (2014) and The Babadook(2014), Independent Horror films have gained popularity and momentum. This current overpopulation of content has sadly caused some gems to slide under the radar. Here is a list of 9 must-see Independent Horror movies over the last ten years. Some you may have heard of, some you may have overlooked. ...[Read More]

Girls And Corpses Magazine Creater Robert “Corpsy” Rhine And His Comic Book Of Jokes

Robert “Corpsy” Rhine Traveling from horror event to horror event, we have a tendency to run into some of the same people. While everybody has projects, some are just too fun not to share. Horror jack-of-all-trades Robert “Corpsy” Rhine is one of those people, who is usually distinguishable with his iconic Girls and Corpses hearse or his surrounding sea of beautiful women. Either way, Corpsy is on...[Read More]

Take a Trip To “Suicide Forest”

Do you like comic books? Dave Baker and Nicol Goux have teamed up to bring you an intense new comic book series Suicide Forest Written by Baker and illustrated by Goux, Suicide Forest is Baker’s attempt to make a comic book really scary. “One of the things that bums me out about horror comics is that they’re just creepy not scary, usually. To really scare someone you need to be able to control the...[Read More]