Take a Trip To “Suicide Forest”

Do you like comic books? Dave Baker and Nicol Goux have teamed up to bring you an intense new comic book series Suicide Forest

Written by Baker and illustrated by Goux, Suicide Forest is Baker’s attempt to make a comic book really scary. “One of the things that bums me out about horror comics is that they’re just creepy not scary, usually. To really scare someone you need to be able to control the environment…” says Dave “…with movies that’s obviously really easy. Pacing, sound, camera angles they’re all under your control. Where as in comic so much that is under the reader’s control. So when Nicole and I were first talking about making this book, we wanted to make something that took a lot of the control away from the reader. The only thing they were in control of was the page turn. And everything else was us. ”

Dave took control over his story and readers by using an interesting time delay device, which makes Suicide Forest truly unsettling. He tells his story from a single point of view. Imagine watching Halloween meets The Strangers, but from only from the perspective of the victim that’s hiding in the closet.

That’s really where we want to be though, isn’t it? With the gears shifting all around us in terms of storytelling, just plain watching something happen just doesn’t cut it anymore. You can see it in the evolution of haunts, going from maze-like to immersive, and sometimes borderline torturous. We no longer want to see the killer look for the girl behind the door, we want to BE the girl behind the door. Dave and Nicole give that to us with Suicide Forest. The first book is wonderful, and we can’t wait for the next installment. Dave told WAIH the sequel is already written and almost laid out. It should be noted that it is only Dave Baker and Nicole Goux working on these books, so they do take time.

You can purchase your very own copy of Suicide Forest on the Spector Island website, or pick it up at your local comic book store if you live in Los Angeles or the Bay Area. Only $15 for a 92 page comic book is a good deal, especially when you are helping support two talented independent artists. Get the book and let us know what you think!