Daniel Beer Of “Creepshow 2” Launches New Novel “The Silence Of Remembering”

The horror community may have it’s fair share of arguments on who would win in a fight, Michael or Jason. Or maybe the conversation is what is the scariest film of all time. One thing the community can agree on is the cult classic status of the Creepshow films. Creepshow 2 was a solid sequel providing the same fun as the first. Now one of the actors, Daniel Beer from the segment The Raft is switching his horror gears and putting his efforts towards writing his first novel; The Silence of Remembering.

The Silence of Remembering tells the following story:

With her upcoming ten-year death remembrance, Twigs who has adjusted to purgatory returns home with her brother Alex, unable to hear her, she must help him confront the crippling memories blurred by a family secret the night of her tragic death or her worst fear will come true-she will never get to heaven. Through flashbacks, Twigs recalls her first friend she met in purgatory. Char-Char, an older girl who does her best to comfort Twigs in this in between place that doesn’t look or feel like purgatory. Gradually, Twigs begins to understand why she has been tied to her brother. The truth emerges, and she asks herself, “do I really exist?” Twigs, tells the story of this family’s slowly healing rift and how a person can navigate or postpone the grieving process. By all accounts her brother is on top of the world, a handsome young actor on the verge of stardom, having landed a role opposite Hollywood’s hottest young actress. Alex is on his way to becoming a teen heartthrob. His past and present collide, as he struggles through Hollywood parties, nightclubs, movie sets, paparazzi, and starlets, only to find he can no longer outstrip he past. Twigs, watches him plot his course, offering her love and encouragement. Her clear-eyed perspective helps Alex to acknowledge his loss, while possibly discovering a separate peace.

Asking existential questions, the novel is meant for adults in their mid to late 20’s. The entire story will unfold as man travels into adulthood and faces the challenge presented with an eerie twist. With the ever changing landscape of growing up, this novel is warmly welcomed and is set out to ease, entertain, and scare. In regards to the subject matter Beer goes on record stating “There are plenty of coming-of-age books for teenagers, and adult-mid-life crisis, but not many for the twenty-something in between years. With a haunting elegance, The Silence Of Remembering captures those twenty-something purgatory years.

Currently the book can be pre-ordered through the website Inkshares in an e-reader, paperback, or personalized paperback. The first chapter of The Silence of Remembering is available through the pre-order website. Give it a read for yourself and if you like it be sure to support indie horror and give it a purchase.