Girls And Corpses Magazine Creater Robert “Corpsy” Rhine And His Comic Book Of Jokes

Robert “Corpsy” Rhine

Traveling from horror event to horror event, we have a tendency to run into some of the same people. While everybody has projects, some are just too fun not to share. Horror jack-of-all-trades Robert “Corpsy” Rhine is one of those people, who is usually distinguishable with his iconic Girls and Corpses hearse or his surrounding sea of beautiful women. Either way, Corpsy is one of the hardest working individuals in the industry.

Working as a magazine editor for his own publication, Girls and CorpsesCorpsy has matched up great horror icons in humorous situations littered with pretty girls. After all, what is better than horror and beautiful women? Exactly. His issues have featured horror icons such as Michael BerrymanDanny TrejoSid HaigBill MoseleyGinger Lynn, and more. Each issue themed for their centerfold articles, which range from hilarious TV parodies to enriching historical lessons on classic freak show performers. With interesting articles and tasteful pictures, Girls and Corpses Magazine has been a staple for many horror fans for years.

Apart from running his own print publication, Corpsy has his hand in a few films as an Executive Producer, including Rob Zombie’s much anticipated 31 coming out later this year. Corpsy’s most recent endeavor may have been one of the most complex, his dark comedy cartoon book called Last Laughs

Last Laughs is littered with so much hilariously inappropriate humor that the quote on the back reads: “Don’t Read This Book” -GodCorpsy wrote all the jokes himself, with Brian Orlowski inking the images under Corpsy’s supervision. While the jokes range from mildly inappropriate to “how did he get away with that!?” they all have a morbidly dark sense of humor, earning it the title of “gallows humor,” which is proudly placed on the front over of the book.

Corpsy uses a unique blend of horror and comedy to make his work stand out, something that he is quite good at. According to his brief biography in Last LaughsCorpsy almost died from a skull fracture at the age of ten. About sixty-four stitches later, he came back to life with a vengeance that will not be stopped. If there is one quality that Corpsy has instilled within him it would be his incessant need to produce something horrifyingly hilarious and awesome.  The man is a powerhouse of strong will and will stop at nothing to make his dreams a reality.

Laust Laughs, as well as all the Girls and Corpses Magazine issues are available for purchase online at the Girls and Corpses ONLINE STORE