Short Turned Feature “Lights Out” Receives Official Trailer

Children and some adults are afraid of the dark. Uncommonly fear of the dark is known as Nyctophobia. Throughout the time of stories and various forms of media the dark has always created a sense of unease and a great place for fright. 80’s metal band Iron Maiden even wrote a whole song about it titled “Fear Of The Dark”. In the song they explain what is so frightening about the absent of light. It certainly is not the dark itself but what lurks within the shadows.

In 2013 David F. Sandberg had a two minute short film which gained incredible viral fame. The title is Lights Out. The short film was created for the Who’s There contest. Since it’s release 2 years ago, it has gained over 10.3 million views. Now Sandberg get’s to live the dream that all indie horror filmmakers who create short films strive for.

Recently Lights Out caught the attention of acclaimed horror filmmaker James WanWan is known for his incredible contributions with the creation of Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring. Debuting this past weekend at the New Line WonderCon panel is the latest update to the feature version of Lights Outa trailer.

Today we present to you the official trailer for the short film turned feature with director David F. Sandberg returning. Check out the trailer below and continue on for more information.

Lights Out tells the following story:

Lights Out follows Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) and her younger brother Martin (Annabelle’s Gabriel Bateman) as they’re tormented by a spirit that draws its power from darkness. With every flicker of the light, the figure of a woman draws closer as its victims struggle to keep the light around to draw it away. After some investigating, the two find out that the poltergeist is tied to an event in their mother’s past, and feeds on fear.

With Wan producing, it is no surprise that the scares in the trailer are unique and frightful. We Are Indie Horror cannot wait for this feature adaptation of such a successful little short. We posted the original short below if for some reason you have missed it. Catch Lights Out in theaters on July 22 via Warner Bros. Distrubution and follow all the important links below for the latest information from Sandberg’s dream come true.