Matthew Trask’s ‘The Congregation’ Available for Pre-Order

The Congregation is the upcoming book from We are Indie Horror’s Featured FearMaker Matthew Trask. His 124-page book is described as a crime-fiction novel with shades of horror, as something that resembles a cross between David Lynch’s small town TV series Twin Peaks, and the religious parable Robert Eggers’ The Witch

The book’s official synopsis reads as follows:

“When the body of a woman is found in a church in Boston, two former detectives, one a washed up conspiracy theorist and the other a NYU criminology professor, are drawn back into the fray. As the mystery unravels the similarities between the woman in the church and a series of brutal murders in the small coastal town of Phillippa become apparent. Mixing violent body horror, a surrealist crime story and ideas of faith, witchcraft and death The Congregation builds a unique world that is coated thick in darkness.”

An author influenced by the works of horror titans such as Stephen King and Clive Barker, Matthew Trask is an English literature graduate from South Wales and is a lover of everything horror in film and literature. You can check out Trask’s short stories and essays on his website No Future, No Fate. Apart from writing literature Trask is also a screenwriter, having penned a short film titled Afterimage, which you can view on YouTube.

Matthew Trask’s The Congregation is now available to pre-order at the link provided. There are three available pre-order tiers: Member (Ebook; access to drafts; author updates), Evangelist (signed paper copy; ebook; access to drafts; author updates; free shipping within the US),  and Preacher (name in back of the book; multiple signed paperback copies; ebook; access to drafts; author updates; and free shipping within the US).