FearMaker Gregory Blair Returns With “Garden Party Massacre”

FearMaker Gregory Blair Returns With “Garden Party Massacre”

Here at We Are Indie Horror, we are always excited to have the latest announcements from previous FearMakers. Through creating this community, we have established a brand of up and coming artists and their success is always a joy to see. Today we have the latest news from 2016 FearMaker Gregory Blairand his latest film Garden Party Massacre.

The comedy-horror takes a different angle than Blair‘s previous flick, Deadly Revisions. From the moody psychological thriller to a fast-paced romp, Garden Party Massacre promises to deliver on the bloodshed. The filmed is based on Gregory Blair‘s FANtastic Horror Film Festival award-winning script and tells the following story:

A friendly backyard gathering goes awry when an unexpected guest shows up.  With a pickax. And an attitude!  Things go south from there as the guests try to survive.

Compared to the likes of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and Shaun of the DeadBlair is ready to take on the sub-genre which he believes to be a ton of fun. He is quoted “I love films that successfully walk that line between horror and comedy, whether it’s witty and referential like Scream or giddy low camp like Army of Darkness.”

Blair jumps in front of the camera as well as handling director and writer duties. He is joined by another FearMaker, Andy Gates along with Lise Hart, Dawna Lee Heising, Nichole Bagby, David Leeper and Matt Weinglass.

We have the teaser trailer below from Pix/See Productions along with a number of photos. The film will be released later this year. Be sure to follow the website, Facebook, or Twitterfor more information.