WAIH Is Coming To Project Alpha This Sunday!

Thursday evening, We Are Indie Horror founder Neil King went live on Facebook to give some exciting news. This Sunday, we will be airing a special show on Project Alpha, the new streaming site slash community from Nerdist and Geek & SundryAlpha isn’t your regular streaming service, it is an interactive, community-oriented experience which involves you the viewer just as much as the people working on the other side of your computer.

While Candi Fear is the face of horror around these parts, there is a new horror host in our midst. His name is Dr. Sparro, and he is a mad scientist from the lonely Eastern European island of Kamertonignis. From his castle atop of a cliff, he works on his creations, each more terrifying than the last. He has, of course, lost his mind just a bit after transplanting his brain into the body of a sloth-monkey he found running around, but nevertheless, he is excited to be a part of this new project,

Dr. Sparro’s Dungeon of Terror.

On his new show, Dr. Sparro tells stories, shows short films from the WAIH community, and talks to horror personalities and icons. It will be our take on the classic local horror hosts from days past. On the first episode, Dr. Sparro will be talking with horror scarlet Alex Essoe, who will talk about her films Starry Eyes, Tales of Halloween and more recently The Neighbor, and maybe stick around for a game or two. They will also be showing the film Mirrored from Nicole Bird and FearMaker Ryan Shovey

Dr. Sparro’s Dungeon of Terror will air this Sunday at 4 PM PST.

How can you watch? Well, the only way is to sign up for Alpha by heading over to their website. Every new sign up receives a free 30-day trial. Project Alpha is only $4.99 a month after, which is well worth the price for what you get. The network is filled with fun and exciting (and interactive) shows exclusive to the Alpha. Remember, signing up is the only way you will get to watch Dr. Sparros Dungeon of Terror