BLOOD BANK: Find Out What’s Inside “The Wake”

Stories are told all around the world. Pending on country of origin or cultural background, the stories may vary or change. Be it the slit-mouth woman from Japan or the Slenderman here in the United States, these stories resonate and hold true across seas. Today’s Blood Bank focuses on a cultural tradition in Ireland. We take a look at The Wake.

The Wake will be set around a traditional Irish wake. There are many strange and old traditions to an Irish wake and each one will be turned up to 10 for this fantastical journey. Strong and vivid characters will take the audience through an experience while keeping the film creepy, scary and suspenseful. The story itself tells the tale of an outsider brought into a wold in which he is unfamiliar with and now must find his way to survive it.

North Ireland independent filmmaker Rik Gordon will be creating the film. His first film, The Pigman screened at a few festivals around the world. The Pigman tells the story of an outcast creature that lives in the mountains of Ireland and is shunned from his local village. Made on a small budget, it was received incredibly well across the globe with an Audience Award win for Best Short Film at Dingle International Film Festival. Rik seems to be quite familiar with the outsider storyline and adding his touch of using the Ireland backdrop will be making a come back for The Wake. He also expected to use the much of the same talent and crew for his latest.

How can a wake be scary you might ask. Well for those unaware a wake is a ceremony before a funeral where family members and friends pay their respects to the deceased. In Irish culture, the wake is usually held at a family home and many people attend. The Irish traditions date back centuries and are kept up to this day. Certain specific traditions include an open window to allow the spirit to leave the house, all clocks stopped at the person’s time of death, and mirrors covers as they are portals to the underworld. Wakes could also be very upbeat with songs and, in classic Irish form, much drinking involved. The Wake will take a look at the more sinister and darker side of the ceremony.

Rik Gordon currently is running an Indiegogo campaign for the upcoming short film. Looking to raise $8,000, the team has a solid plan on where all the money will be spent. They plan to use all practical effects, which can certainly run up any budget. Since “Mum and Dad” are supplying the catering the rest of the money will go into make-up as well as location and equipment.

For your donations, there are of course perks available. The perks can range from a shoutout on social media platforms to an invite to the special screening to set visits and producers credit. We Are Indie Horror‘s favorite perk though has to be the personalized engraved miniature coffin. The coffin will contain special surprises inside which you will have to get to find out.

Indie filmmaking is incredibly difficult, especially the budget aspect of it. When traditions and culture makes a play into the film, it is an incredible risk but when it plays out properly it is well worth it. The Wake seems to take a tradition known by many throughout the world but put it’s own Irish cultural spin on it. The film itself will lend itself to be creepy and the team behind it will sure do a phenomenal job. If you can donate please head over to the Indiegogo page listed in the important links below and give your fair share. If not do not worry, a simple share will do. Getting the word out is incredibly important.

This has been We Are Indie Horror’s Blood Bank Where Every Drop Counts!