The “Demon’s Dawn” Has Arrived From “Selfie From Hell” Creators

17.5 million plus views later, the team over at Fuck You Zombie, has added another chapter to their terrifying short series. Last August saw the release of the scariest viral video since Mama with Selfie From Hell. Catch that one before we go on into the latest from Fuck You ZombieDemon’s Dawn.

Now as of less than week, Meelah Adams has done it again. She has brought back Selfie From Helldirector and writer for Demon’s DawnErdal Ceylan steps behind the camera as director and writer for the newest installment. Meelah Adams returns as the star of the film and this time it is 3 minutes of pure terror. Watch so we can discuss.

If you cannot tell from the screenshot there are no punches held back. That particular screenshot happens early in the film and does not spoil anything. The fear is not from the monster itself but the situation. As in Selfie From Hell technology plays a part in Demon’s Dawn. Having the vibe of The Ring with the idea of a monster in a TV but taking it to a whole new level. The demon has control of the body and is attempting to get herself out. To do so she needs to imprint markings on the body of this innocent girl.

If Selfie From Hell was telling us that people are so distracted by snapping photos of themselves they forget to look at the world around them, Demon’s Dawn clear message is how the evils of television and media control our lives. Even if we turn it off the damage has been done and the scars remain. Fuck You Zombie is doing an incredibly job with commenting on the state of technology in today’s world.

From the get go, the short is moody, terrifying, and intense. When the monster is finally revealed, the audience understands this is not about the reveal. It is about the control the monster takes. The makeup on the demon is impeccable while the pacing of the following events match. The makeup had Meelah in the chair for at least four to six hours. Where the camera is placed and what it shows is a true testament the talented team behind these shorts.

Fuck You Zombie has once again taken We Are Indie Horror by surprise and scared us more in 3 minutes than most feature films can do in 90. Meelah Adams and Erdal Ceylan are a perfect match who can create nothing but horror magic together. WAIH looks forward to every chapter of their upcoming and definitely successful exciting career.

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