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‘King Kong of Skull Island’ Book Still Needs Your Support

As Kong: Skull Island roars its way to theaters, acclaimed artist and author Joe DeVito has launched a Kickstarter campaign to chronicle the ultimate King Kong mythology with King Kong of Skull Island— an illustrated novel. Conceived with the full support of Kong’s creator Merian C. Cooper, will be a new book that archives the only Cooper-authorized origin story of King Kong, but also of Skull Isl...[Read More]

Graphic Novel ‘Kingdom of Blood’ Kickstarter– Pledge Now!

If you’re a fan of horror, history, and dark illustrations, in the same style as Medieval art, then Kingdom of Blood is just the thing for you. From writer and illustrator Robert Geronimo, Kingdom of Blood is an upcoming graphic novel with a Kickstarter campaign that is now under way. Here is what you can expect from Robert Geronimo’s newest project (from the original press release): “Kingdom of B...[Read More]

Schlitzie: One of Us Doc Begins Production

Regarded as one of the godfathers to modern horror, Tod Browning is infamous for his iconic directorial interpretations of films like Dracula and London After Midnight. His most peculiar work, and arguably his best, would be his 1932 masterpiece Freaks. While not exactly traditional horror, Freaks is an impeccable film, ranging the full spectrum of human emotion. The film was originally torn apart...[Read More]

“Chilling Tales For Dark Nights” A New Animated Horror Anthology Needs Help

Humans have told horror stories since the dawn of time. As of late, technology has grown to showcase stories in a multitude of formats. One of the most recent but oldest forms is podcasting. Although the media is new, the format is the same. A group gathers around a speaker and listens to the stories being told. Chilling Tales For Dark Nights has mastered this format and since 2012 have been scari...[Read More]’s “Irrational Fear” Launches Kickstarter With Casting Call

From the minds that brought us 2Jennifer and Dismembering Christmas comes a brand new film that will explore all the fears you have plus some. Our good friends over at are teaming up with Slasher Studios to bring you their latest feature titled Irrational Fear. This will be the third feature from Slasher Studios. Irrational Fear tells the following story: Six therapy patients are brou...[Read More]

Lisa Wilcox Travels To ‘Red Hollow’ Currently Seeking Crowdfunding

Nightmare On Elm Street fans rejoice. Our favorite ass kicker is heading back to the big screen. No, we’re not talking about Heather Langenkamp (she dies, remember?). We are talking about the girl who lives, Lisa Wilcox. “Alice” will be gracing the screen once again in the upcoming film from PII Productions, Red Hollow. After her mother falls ill, Carley returns to her hometown of Red Hollow only ...[Read More]

Mike Mendez’ ‘Don’t Kill It’ Crowdfunding For Release

If you love crazy wacky horror films, then you are no doubt at least aware of Big Ass Spiders director Mike Mendez. His latest film, Don’t Kill It, stars the Soviet boxing beast from Rocky IV, Dolph Lundgren. Now the film needs your help to find funding so they can release the film both theatrically and for home viewing. Lundgren stars as Jebediah Woodley, a smooth-talking demon hunter searching f...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: Find Out What’s Inside “The Wake”

Stories are told all around the world. Pending on country of origin or cultural background, the stories may vary or change. Be it the slit-mouth woman from Japan or the Slenderman here in the United States, these stories resonate and hold true across seas. Today’s Blood Bank focuses on a cultural tradition in Ireland. We take a look at The Wake. The Wake will be set around a traditional Irish wake...[Read More]

“Two Minutes With Tom Holland” Update

Modern master of horror Tom Holland is teaming with an incredible group of people to create a documentary web series. The series titled Two Minutes With Tom Holland, will dive into a behind the scenes look on Tom’s life as he re-emerges into the horror scene. He will tell stories of past and present where YOU can learn some of the most interesting facts of his classics. Who’s Tom Holland? This bet...[Read More]

Bill Moseley Is A Cannibalistic Immortal Clown In ‘Crepitus’

You find yourself alone in the woods, up ahead is a clearing, the sweet smell of warm sugar fills the air and a distant sound of a music box playing drifts through your ears. As you head closer, the smells and sounds overtake you, until you find yourself standing in the clearing. You are surrounded by large tents and signs featuring acrobats and oddities. Looking around you notice there is somethi...[Read More]


When polling a large group of horror fans and asking “what scares you?” one answer seems to always land itself in the majority of the board; clowns! Why is that? Is it the painted faces? The harsh and over emotional happy expressions? Or maybe it is their constant need to please. Whatever it may be, the horror community can agree that clowns are always scary. Today’s We Are Indie Horror Blood Bank...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: “Shallow Water” – Sandy Collora

Running a crowdfunding campaign is tough work. We Are Indie Horror learned just how difficult it is to spread the word on your project and get your goal met when we attempted our first crowdfunding campaign for Inked: A Prologue. According to a statistic late last year approximately 46% of film projects meet their goal and today we have a special treat for you. Sandy Collora stops by and speaks wi...[Read More]