Schlitzie: One of Us Doc Begins Production

Regarded as one of the godfathers to modern horror, Tod Browning is infamous for his iconic directorial interpretations of films like Dracula and London After Midnight. His most peculiar work, and arguably his best, would be his 1932 masterpiece Freaks. While not exactly traditional horror, Freaks is an impeccable film, ranging the full spectrum of human emotion.

The film was originally torn apart due to the use of actual circus freaks, but time told a different story. Today the film, while highly ignored by the general population, has been revered as one of Browning’s finest works, and even was the inspiration for an entire season of American Horror Story. Now a group of filmmakers is setting off to make a documentary on one of Freaks most iconic characters, Schlitzie

The documentary will tell the story of Schlitzie from his life as a performer to the end when he was pretty much left to die. Now filmmakers are finally bringing the story of one of the most beloved entertainers of his time to life. Directed by Steve Belgard, the hopes of this documentary are to help those born different, as well as those who look at those differences in a negative light.

You can help make Schlitzie’s One of Us into a reality by donating to their crowdfunding campaign. Funds raised will go towards production costs, and all donations are tax deductible.