Lisa Wilcox Travels To ‘Red Hollow’ Currently Seeking Crowdfunding

Nightmare On Elm Street fans rejoice. Our favorite ass kicker is heading back to the big screen. No, we’re not talking about Heather Langenkamp (she dies, remember?). We are talking about the girl who lives, Lisa Wilcox. “Alice” will be gracing the screen once again in the upcoming film from PII ProductionsRed Hollow.

After her mother falls ill, Carley returns to her hometown of Red Hollow only to uncover a sinister series of events plaguing her former friends. As time runs out and people begin disappearing, she bands together with a mysterious newcomer to uncover the hideous truth of the evil threatening to overtake the formerly idyllic small town. If they can’t put a stop to it, no one will make it out of the town of Red Hollow alive.

Along with WilcoxRed Hollow stars Natalie BuckleyJackie Kobsar Destinie Orndoff (Red Eye), and Skylar Radzion (Boogeyman: Reincarnation). Written and directed by Pressly Parrish.

Red Hollow is currently seeking funding to produce the film, which plans to shoot in the upcoming Summer. They are aiming for $50,000 to make the film the way they want to, and to be honest, that sounds like a really low budget. Perks range from postcards and signed scripts to VHS copies of the film and signed Nightmare On Elm Street 4 & 5 by Lisa Wilcox.

A promotional trailer was shot by Dakota Arganbright of Black Blaze Entertainment.

The Canadian based film company firmly believes they have created the formula for a film, unlike anything we’ve seen before. That sounds like a real stretch, but when trying to fund a project, that kind of claim tends to be thrown around. We won’t know what they’ve got until the film is made, but there is a promo trailer that was shot some time ago. It raises a lot of questions about the film, but looks promising, keeping with their claim of unrelenting originality.

Take a moment and head over to the Red Hollow Indiegogo campaign to see how you can help.