Help ‘The Forsaken’ Short Film Get Made! Find Out How You Can Help

Help ‘The Forsaken’ Short Film Get Made! Find Out How You Can Help

If there is one thing we strive to do here at We Are Indie Horror, it’s helping out up and coming filmmakers get their dream projects off the ground. There is something special about seeing a budding filmmaker gearing up for their first project. Maybe it’s because we remember our first few films, but nostalgia aside we are excited and to share Kerry Norton’s new short film announcement for The Forsaken

The Forsaken follows Abby, a young woman who is terrorized night after night by a dark entity in her home. The attacks have reached such a point that Abby must now confront the creature for fear of losing her mind, or worse.

The short film is currently set to begin production in March, but they are looking for some funding! What is it every filmmaker does when they need funding? That’s right, they ask the community. Norton is looking for £2,000 to make his film the way he sees fit, and his Indiegogo campaign is currently at a £665 (someone go donate £1 right now!).

As Norton says in his campaign video, The Forsaken is a tale centered around domestic abuse and the psychological scars it can leave on a person, a topic he feels is important to discuss. “The film will be a visual treat and formalist inapproach.” Says Norton “There will be a strong use of colour in terms of lighting, set design and costume in order to translate themes and character. This world will have a sense of the fantastical and this allows a level of interpretation to be made by the audience by the film’s end.

There is still plenty of time to contribute to this film, take a look at the campaign video below, which includes some test footage. While Norton is a budding filmmaker, this is not his first time working. He has worked as Assistant Director for feature films and has directed short films which went on to successful festival runs. Giving is hard, but if you have a few dollars to spend, there is no better place than the arts.

Be sure to follow The Forsaken on Facebook to stay up to date with production.