Review: ‘Ouija Board Secret’ From One Man Prod. Team, Andrea Ricca

Wega board? Ojo board? Wiggy board? Many can’t spell it, but the infamous Ouija Board game has mystified and terrified us as long as it’s existed. Even though it’s a Hasbro product, many claim it to be a gateway or portal to the spirit world. It’s believed to allow one to talk with the deceased, or even open oneself to demonic possession. In The Ouija Board Secret a seance opens a man’s home to some evil spirits that reveal a dark secret about his past.

The film’s dramatic cinematography adds an ominous sense of brooding, which parallels the darkness of the story. Being a silent film, and having the shots tell the narrative, showcases the director’s ability as a filmmaker. The music creates and builds tension, bringing the fear of the situation to life. The terror of the Ouija Board is realized through the use of 3D modeling and animation.

Andrea Ricca is a tenacious and dedicated independent filmmaker. Armed with only a camera and a computer, he makes all of his films from start to finish as a one man army. Doing all the writing, directing, producing, editing, CGI modeling, animating, visual and special effects himself. He even acts in most of his work. Ricca’s ability to have a full compelling story in as little as two minutes is both amazing and impressive. Many filmmakers find it hard to tell a comprehensive story in such a compressed time frame. Not only does Ricca complete such a feat, he does it in spades. His prowess as an auteur can be seen in all of his work, with over 20 videos on his YouTube channel.

The Ouija Board Secret is just one of many more films to come from Ricca this year. Be on the lookout, it won’t be long until we see what else this one man production team impresses us with.