NSFW: Army Of The Universe Releases New Tracks

The international industrial trio Army Of The Universe has recently released The Magic, their long awaited EP. The EP features three new songs, as well as remixes by bass heavyweights Gosteffects and Deorro, The Magic includes a range of electronic flavors for both Industrial enthusiasts and dance music fans. They recently sent We Are Indie Horror the new video to their new song, and it is quite entertaining.

The Magic has dark beats mixed with haunting lyrics. The video adds a submissive splendor to the song, with it’s depictions of crude lust and spoils of decadence. The Magic is a song that is best used in a grungy warehouse packed with people sweating as much as they are dancing. It’s an instigation song. Stuck somewhere between leaving the party and staying for five more minutes until The Magic hits and the decision is made; dance all night.

Army Of The Universe was founded in 2008 by Electronic Dance producer Trebla (aka Albert Vorne) and lead singer Lord K. In 2010, guitar player Dave Tavecchia joined the band and one year later Chris Vrenna (NIN, Marilyn Manson, Tweaker) co-produced their first album Mother Ignorance (Metropolis Records). Army Of The Universe’ sound is made of analog synths and blade guitars, speeding around the echoes of 80’s vibes and 90’s industrial, throughout the underground of Brit’s school electronica, new wave and techno beats.

Industrial music has always played with horror themes, with many notable pioneers of the Industrial genre quoting horror films directly as their muses. Many films from the 70’s and 80’s have soundtracks that greatly resemble what would become the Industrial movement. Much like Metal music, the horror genre continues to inspire artists from all facets of art to create wonderful and original work.

The Magic is currently available online by clicking on the links below, but definitely take the time to watch this music video. There is some nudity, so viewers discretion is advised.