Interview: Shelby Taylor Mullins from ‘Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories’

By: J. Carlos Menjivar (additional interview material by Shelby Taylor Mullins) The people behind Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories couldn’t have asked for a better year as the film continues to garner critical acclaim from various horror outlets (yours truly included) going into 2017. Although all the hype surely has fans of the first feature Volumes of Blood in a frenzy, it won’t be until late th...[Read More]

The Rope Transcends Los Angeles To A New World

Immersive theater is on the rise and it seems as there are truly no limits as to what to expect from these events. Ranging from The Tension Experience to Devotion immersive theater seems to be taking over Los Angeles. This October has saw the birth of many new shows and companies. One who is relatively young has brought a show to Think Tank in downtown Los Angeles with a new twist. The Rope transc...[Read More]

Exclusive: Interview with ‘Deimosimine’ Director Chad Armstrong of LC Films

We are Indie Horror has had the opportunity, and honor, to view some of the many films in the LeglessCorpse Films (LC Films) library.  LC Films is a film distributing, and now production, company behind such titles as anthology film Volumes of Blood Don’t Look in the Basement 2, a sequel to the 70s cult classic, and the bizarrely trippy Dolly Deadly (check out reviews in the links provided). LC Fi...[Read More]

FIGURE and Code Pandorum Release Horror Inspired EDM

Heavy Bass and Universal Studio’s Hollywood Horror Nights soundtrack producer FIGURE has released his collaboration and The Shining filled Visualizer with Code Pandorum off of his upcoming Monsters 7, “RedRum”. Originally premiered on Your EDM, “RedRum” and the rest of Monsters 7, can be found with an immediate download of “The Ritual (ft. Dack Janiels)” online. Josh Gard, also known as Figure, ha...[Read More]

The 17th Door Returns To Haunt Orange County For The Second Year

Dark storm clouds are forming over a shopping center in Tustin, CA as The 17th Door prepares to return for its Sophomore year.  Featured on our site last year as one of Jon’s Haunts, The haunt established itself last year as a more intense haunt, priding itself on how many people used the safe word, “Mercy!” Last year also say 26,000 victims walk through the doors of the haunt, making it one of th...[Read More]

WAIH Followed The Mark To American Murder Song

The past few weeks, We Are Indie Horror has introduced and teased you to the incredibly talented duo known as American Murder Song. Comprising of Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, American Murder Song have created a new genre of music which can only be described as murder ballads. Last night at Fonogenic Studios, our attendance was called upon by Meesrs. Storm and Tender played by Zdunich and H...[Read More]

Did Podcasters LonelyBob and iMorpheus Survive “Last Shift”?

A few months back, We Are Indie Horror was approached by a podcast looking for scary suggestions. Naturally we gave them a LARGE list of films to watch. Death By Horror took some of our suggestions and have shared the results. The podcast, Death By Horror, coming out of Tokyo, Japan pairs up two personalities for a horror movie experience. LonleyBob and his horror noobie friend iMorpheus work thei...[Read More]

Download American Murder Song’s First Tune For Free!

Last week We Are Indie Horror introduced you to the mysterious project coming from the minds behind The Devil’s Carnival and Repo: The Genetic Opera, American Murder Song. Compiled of composers Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, the duo reunites for a new musical collaboration and this time they are taking on early American murder. Today we have some more information as well as an opportunity to...[Read More]

American Murder Song Continues To Tease

The names Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman may not be all too familiar but their work surely is. The musical sensation and brilliant talents have brought fans films such as Repo: The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival. Being the two music masterminds behind the rock-opera horror films have gained them an incredible amount of respect throughout the industry. They have a new project looming a...[Read More]

FearMaker Mary C. Russell Creating Animal Cloud Video And Needs Your Help

Alternative elctropop band Animal Collective has an incredibly mysterious background. One such so that nobody but them know their past. Their profile reads as follows: The origins of Animal Cloud are unclear. Some say their band formed after a meteor fell to Earth and other people say it was a scientific experiment that went wrong at NASA. The band consists of members False Hope, Bells, and What I...[Read More]

A Conversation With The Composer Of ‘THE WITCH’

If you thought the images of The Witch were brutal… Do yourself a favor and listen to the Music. The horror world was pleasantly surprised when Robert Eggers’ psychological dark tale, The Witch was released. Not knowing what to expect, we all went into those theaters curious and slightly hesitant. From what the trailer promised, we were in for the scare of a lifetime. With cheap thrills in mind, w...[Read More]

NSFW: Army Of The Universe Releases New Tracks

The international industrial trio Army Of The Universe has recently released The Magic, their long awaited EP. The EP features three new songs, as well as remixes by bass heavyweights Gosteffects and Deorro, The Magic includes a range of electronic flavors for both Industrial enthusiasts and dance music fans. They recently sent We Are Indie Horror the new video to their new song, and it is quite e...[Read More]