American Murder Song Continues To Tease

American Murder Song Continues To Tease

The names Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman may not be all too familiar but their work surely is. The musical sensation and brilliant talents have brought fans films such as Repo: The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival. Being the two music masterminds behind the rock-opera horror films have gained them an incredible amount of respect throughout the industry. They have a new project looming and We Are Indie Horror cannot wait.

American Murder Song sees the two pair up again for another project that has caught the attention of many fans within the genre. There is not too much known about this upcoming project but we are going to divulge into everything we know here.

First and foremost it is mentioned as a musician/band on Facebook leading us to believe that this is not another film but an album and musical group forming of some sorts. Does that mean a live tour? We certainly hope so and with the minds like Zdunich and Hendlman we expect a hell of a show to accompany. But what exactly is American Murder Song?

It is written as such: “A collection of original murder ballads”. You can make that what you will. As of right now WAIH believes that line to be what the album will feel like. The songs will be slower than a standard rock opera, along the lines of more ballad rock. And the content will all be around murder. Sound good yet?

For the past 5 weeks, American Murder Song has been releasing teaser videos via YouTube. Each video, no more than a minute, sports a sample of a song and eerie images to accompany. From what we have heard thus far, this album whenever released is going to be epic. Somber in tone, dark in content, and beautiful in arrangement; the samples of the songs have us hooked. Every Tuesday a new video is released on their channel. The latest one, released yesterday, is titled Pretty Lavinia. This particular song is heavier and more aggressive than the previous released which still has us more hyped than we should be.

The one last bit of information we could find is a “world premiere” date and location. If you are in the North East of the United States, you are definitely not going to want to miss this. On May 13-15th at The Steampunk World’s Fair, American Murder Song will finally make their world premiere in New Jersey. Again what this entails, we have no clue. Since WAIH is on the west coast, we will not be able to check this event out. We will keep you updated with any other dates added to their list.

Watch the latest video below and right underneath Pretty Lavinia is a playlist to the rest of the songs previously released followed by a trailer.

Be sure to “follow the mark” by clicking any of the links below. Check back to the YouTube channel or their website every Tuesday for a new tease and hopefully, sooner rather than later, an announcement on an album, tour, show, or anything full!