Review: McCarthy Bros’ ‘Crazed,’ A Drug Fueled Actioner

McCarthy Brothers’ film Crazed isn’t normally the type of film we cover on We are Indie Horror, but being that as it may, Crazed is an off-the-wall indie actioner featuring an eclectic cast of villains doing very, very bad things, that our fans are sure to enjoy and appreciate. Nevertheless, as a film that deals with the underbelly of a city, I always ascribe the potential for human destruction at the top of the pyramid of things that are truly frightening.

Crazed is a revenge thriller starring the film’s co-writer Michael McCarthy (also written by brother Kevin McCarthy) as tough as nails vigilante cop Ronan Pierce. After his wife goes missing by the same vicious crime syndicate, known as the Luna Cartel, responsible for the death of his daughter, Pierce’s single track goal is to take down those responsible, by whatever means necessary. In his journey of retribution, down openly violent streets and hidden carnage, Pierce comes across the worst scum on the streets, but unlucky for them Pierce doubles up on the blood, unafraid to brutally take down some baddies if necessary. Among the criminal acts that Pierce uncovers include a prostitution ring (where women are kidnapped and forced into a life of prostitution), sick experimentation, drug manufacturing, organ harvesting, murder, and mayhem.

Directed by Kevin A. McCarthy (with guest director Edward Payne), Crazed is an homage to tough-talking and violent exploitation movies featuring comic book style action. Crazed finds the ultimate anti-hero in Ronan Pierce, a no-nonsense tough guy who’s not afraid to get dirty and take down the bad guys. He’s The Punisher meets the brooding and enigmatic driver from Drive. Part Frank Miller’s Sin City and part Taxi Driver, with the bravado of a Walter Hill picture, Crazed is a brutal action film sure to please genre fans. If you like your action excessive and brutal, this is your film.  Crazed features a slew of colorful villains, rapid fire expletives set to a thumping score (Frantz Widmaier) that carries the film’s energy with urgency.

Apart from McCarthy, the film stars Jordan Elizabeth, the legendary Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th) and R.A. Mihailoff (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III). Crazed is out now on digital platforms and will be available on DVD November 8.

Check out the film’s trailer below.