Meet RIP the Undertaker AKA Rick Galaher

Every once in awhile, something (or someone) jumps out at us so much that we absolutely need to share it. A week or so ago we were introduced to RIP the Undertaker. RIP (played by character actor Rick Galaher) spends most of his time working as tending to the recently deceased and giving his award winning walking ghost tour through Hollywood with Dearly Departed Tours.

Rick originally created the Undertaker character with Chet Zar, a dark artist whose art show at Copro Gallery at Bergamot Station needed a little something extra. RIP the Undertaker was to give a eulogy at the funeral themed art show, which was featured in the documentary I Like To Paint Monsters. RIP was later in works with Chet at Monsterpalooza, as well as a few other cons, but his most fruitful venture is with his award winning walking tour.

Dearly Departed Tours have been showing off the tragic and sometimes gruesome history of Hollywood every since 1998. In early 2015, Rick joined the team as RIP the Undertaker, giving two hour long walking ghost tours in the area. Rick’s vast knowledge of true Hollywood Horrors mixed with the Undertaker’s uniquely hysterical antics won him LA Weekly’s Best Undertaker Tour for 2015.

Rick and RIP the Undertaker are available for hire in the Los Angeles area. The Undertaker is a functional character who can man the door, pass out party favors, pose for pictures, scare guests who may mistake him for a Halloween mannequin or just add a spooky atmosphere to any event.