“The History of Metal and Horror” Has New Clip With New Campaign

“The History of Metal and Horror” Has New Clip With New Campaign

About one year ago We Are Indie Horror introduced you to Mike Schiff and his upcoming documentary which combines two sub cultures which very much intertwine. The History of Metal and Horror was on Indiegogo looking for funding to show how the two genres mix via fans and content. The New York filmmaker spent most of 2015 and much of this year traveling around the country gathering interviews from some of rock’s and horror’s living legends. Although last year Mike may not had made his full goal, he has not given up.

Today we bring you the wonderful news that he is trying again. He has re-listed The History of Metal and Horror on Indiegogo, to raise funds for the rest of the film. The first campaign allowed for most of the initial production to complete. The rest will cover the remaining costs so the world can see this ambitious project.

For those unaware the documentary will contain the following:

  • An exploration into the evolution of both heavy metal and horror by historians, authors, and other experts.
  • Commentary from horror icons, explaining how their films have influenced both genres.
  • Commentary from heavy metal artists about their greatest fears, favorite horror films, past and current influences, involvement in horror films, horror themed looks, music videos, and stage performances, and much more.
  • Commentary from both horror icons and metal artists about why heavy metal and horror work well together.
  • An exploration into the world of horror conventions which often contain a large heavy metal element.
  • A wraparound story starring a well-known horror star which ties each segment together.

Some interviews completed thus far are Bela Lugosi Jr., Bill Moseley, Butcher Babies, Chris Jericho of Fozzy, Corey Taylor of SlipknotDave MustaineDoug BradleyGWAR, the late Gunnar Hansen, John CarpenterJohn 5, Kirk HammetJonathan DavisSig HaigWednesday 13, and much much more.

To celebrate the launch of the new campaign, we have an exclusive clip from the upcoming documentary where we get a taste of the type of interviews he will be conducting. If this doesn’t get your juices flowing, then what are you doing here?

Be sure to follow the important links below for all the latest information on The History of Metal and Horror and check out the campaign. If you can donate, please do as this project is quite the awesome one!