FearMaker Mary C. Russell Creating Animal Cloud Video And Needs Your Help

Alternative elctropop band Animal Collective has an incredibly mysterious background. One such so that nobody but them know their past. Their profile reads as follows: The origins of Animal Cloud are unclear. Some say their band formed after a meteor fell to Earth and other people say it was a scientific experiment that went wrong at NASA. The band consists of members False Hope, Bells, and What If. False Hope is a humanoid that is part fox-drums, keyboards, bass, and guitars. Bells is a humanoid that is part zebra-vocals, guitar, and keyboards while What It is a humanoid that is part rabbit-bass. All songs are written and performed by Keith Tenenbaum & Trevor Lissauer.

We Are Indie Horror friend and FearMaker Mary C. Russell has opened a gofund me for Animal Cloud‘s upcoming music video for their latest single Box Of DoubtMary has an awesome idea and needs your help to make it happen. For her video she sees Animal Cloud the band as a symbol of hope in a post apocalyptic world. This world includes a dystopia where the government is trying to take full control. While Animal Cloud tries to create the utopia for the people, the government fights back and creates conflict within this world. Animal Cloud are looked at as a cult symbol of hope for the humans.

Mary is best known for her incredible short horror film, Carved which we covered right HERE. Since the release she has seen the film show at a number of festivals including the New Filmmakers LA and the Etheria Film Night at Days Of Dead Los Angeles. Later this year Carved will show at the Calgary Horror Convention.

Joining Ms. Russell on this project will be FearMaker and Director of Photography Paul Stephen Edwards. You can find his short films The Blood Of Youth and the teaser for his upcoming Chloroform at his Vimeo Channel HERE.

Through a GoFundMe they are looking to raise anywhere between $500 and $1000 to fully create this post apocalyptic world. That is not too much at all.