Did Podcasters LonelyBob and iMorpheus Survive “Last Shift”?

A few months back, We Are Indie Horror was approached by a podcast looking for scary suggestions. Naturally we gave them a LARGE list of films to watch. Death By Horror took some of our suggestions and have shared the results.

The podcast, Death By Horror, coming out of Tokyo, Japan pairs up two personalities for a horror movie experience. LonleyBob and his horror noobie friend iMorpheus work their way through all types of horror films; zombies, slashers, thrillers, demons, etc. Rumor has it iMorpheus is incredibly easy to scare and is entertaining to hear his viewpoint on horror.

Death By Horror reached out to WAIH a few months ago requesting a list of great Indie Horror films and the first of our suggestions have made it through. When asked for one of the scariest indie films, how could we not recommend the terrifying Last Shift from the dark and twisted mind of Anthony DiBlasi. We have talked about this film many times in the past, our review and a chat with DiBlasi himself.

For those still unaware, here is what the film is about:

A rookie cop’s 1st shift in the last night of a closing police station alone turns into a living nightmare. The plot echoes John Carpenter’s ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ but with a supernatural twist.

The two took on this film and sure have a lot to say. For those who have seen the film, know Last Shift is no ordinary horror film. It is filled with freighting images and a thrilling story. For new comers into the horror genre, this is not one to start with but is a true testament as to what indie horror can do.

Death By Horror is a biweekly live internet show which runs 30 to 50 minutes each week. Over their life span they have watched classics such as Hellraiser and A Nightmare On Elm Street along with many modern day soon to be classics such as The Babadook and Pontypool. If you have a movie to suggest to the duo, head over to their site and suggest it. Check out the links below and look for their upcoming podcasts.