The Rope Transcends Los Angeles To A New World

The Rope Transcends Los Angeles To A New World

Immersive theater is on the rise and it seems as there are truly no limits as to what to expect from these events. Ranging from The Tension Experience to Devotion immersive theater seems to be taking over Los Angeles. This October has saw the birth of many new shows and companies. One who is relatively young has brought a show to Think Tank in downtown Los Angeles with a new twist. The Rope transcends audiences to a new world.

As the audience ventures into the world of Conscientia, it is quite obvious this is not your normal play. By following a rope, the audience is led through different scenes pushing them to truly listen and understand where the story will take them. Choices have to be made and paths will be chosen. Each new scene extends upon the last, giving the participant a true understand of what has happened in this world. A quick tip, be sure to look around all the scenes as there are plenty of trinkets to collect for one reason or another.

Each scene was decorated beautifully. The dark allows to get lost within the each scene as the actor pours their heart out. One actor in particular had quite the aggressive surprise. If you are unfamiliar the immersive theater this will frighten you to the core.

Although the format is confusing at times, there were enough guides to help even the most lost of wonderers. Utilizing the small space, they had Screenshot Productions did not make it seem crowded.

The Rope is a bizarre and outer worldly experience. It is not meant for everyone but those who enjoy immersive theater and like to use their brains this one is for you. Diving into a small but intriguing world, the audience truly participates and watches incredibly monologues from great actors. Screenshot Productions is a company to look out for, and we will keep you in the loop.

Tickets for The Rope run on October 18, 19 25, 26 and November 1, 2, 3, and . For more information click the links below.