Fright Dome in Las Vegas Is A Can’t Miss Experience

Last week we went to Sin City to check out one of most fun haunts we’ve ever been to. On the North end of the Las Vegas Strip is Circus Circus‘s Adventure Dome, which once a year becomes a labyrinth of hauntingly good times, Fright Dome. Las Vegas might seem like a long distance to travel for a haunt, but it is definitely worth it, especially if you stop by The Freakling Bros. to make the trip all...[Read More]

Save Lost Souls And Experience The Bayou At Red Lantern Escape Games

Being one of the over four million people living in the Los Angeles Area, being told that traveling out of the city for something damn well better be worth it. We’ve been told this many times, and we have seen enough of both amazing experiences and ones which leave us desperately wanting our stolen time back. So when we were invited to experience a new escape game in Brea, CA (about 30 miles east ...[Read More]

“The Willows” New Show From The Minds Of CreepLA Don’t F@*ing Miss This Show!

 Deep in the mansion-filled neighborhoods of Los Angeles lies a mysterious manor with a horrible secret. The fine people from Just Fix It Productions who brought to life the cerebral haunt CreepLA the last two years have come back with a brand new show going on right now! Before we go any further, we want to make it clear that we were invited to a dress rehearsal, but couldn’t make it to the actu...[Read More]

“To The Wild” From Shine On Collective Transports To Fairy Lore

Do you believe in fairies? This is something you must ponder upon entering the latest show from Shine On Collective, To The Wild The ladies behind the Shine On Collective, Marlee Delia and Anna Mavromati, continue to showcase indie art in their ventures through immersive theater. The next step in entertainment takes the audience out of the real world and into the world of the show. Immersive theat...[Read More]

Zombie Joe’s Returns With ‘Tortured Souls’

The Los Angeles area is a proverbial hot spot for all things horror theater. One of the leaders of the indie underground scene is Zombie Joe’s. The theater group out of North Hollywood has frightened audience members for years. Starting this weekend, Friday, February 17, comes an all-new immersive horror theater spectacular, Tortured Souls Tortured Souls will dive into the “darkest nightmares of l...[Read More]

Shine On Collective Returns with “To The Wild”

Last year immersive theater blew up all over southern California. One group of young and audacious women known to the community as the Shine On Collective emerged with an impressive story of love and emotional distress with Devotion. Cara Darling took audiences on a personalized journey into her mind which was filled with so much passion and love, she could not handle it. The show was impressive n...[Read More]

5 Holiday Horror Events In Los Angeles You Won’t Want To Miss

It’s that time of year, where the Halloween decorations make way for green and red tinsel, bright trees, and fat men in large red coats. For horror fans like us, the holiday season can be a rather lackluster affair, with the slight exception of Krampus, there just really isn’t too much out there for us. Lucky for those who live in the Los Angeles area, there are a few events definitely worth check...[Read More]

Can You Escape Omescape In San Francisco?

If there is one thing we love here at We Are Indie Horror, it’s interactive experiences. From immersive theater to haunts to escape rooms, we love getting in the middle of the action and fighting our way out. While up in the Bay Area of California, we were lucky enough to find a fun and challenging escape game company locking people in rooms all around the world. We are talking about the Beijing b...[Read More]

“Devoted” An Immersive Experience Fueled By Passion

What is love to you? Is it a person? An object? An idea? Well to the team at Shine On Collective it is their beloved Cara Darling, the centerpiece for their immersive theater experience Devoted. The fourth and final chapter has kicked off and We Are Indie Horror was able to meet one last time with Cara for Devoted. The team behind Shine On Collective formed earlier this year and ran a show titled ...[Read More]

The Rope Transcends Los Angeles To A New World

Immersive theater is on the rise and it seems as there are truly no limits as to what to expect from these events. Ranging from The Tension Experience to Devotion immersive theater seems to be taking over Los Angeles. This October has saw the birth of many new shows and companies. One who is relatively young has brought a show to Think Tank in downtown Los Angeles with a new twist. The Rope transc...[Read More]

Motel 6 Feet Under Terrorizes Guests In The Shadows Of A Mouse

Every year, more and more haunts pop up in Southern California. With each new haunt that pops up, there are new techniques and twists to keep each haunt unique and scary. In Anaheim, California, just outside of Disneyland is a haunt that mixes classic with some new and fun tricks. Currently in their second year, Motel 6 Feet Under is causing waves in the haunt world, and they are well deserved. Hi...[Read More]

“The Uninvited: Awakening” Is A Truly Immersive Experience

“Lillian is past, present, and future,” one of the spirits said to me in a claustrophobic, locked room full of baby dolls, “Do you want to find out what I mean by that?” I nodded, yes, I did. Following the story of a girl named Lillian, trapped in purgatory, The Uninvited: Awakening, keeps you guessing as you explore the preserved and untouched cellar of the turn-of-the-century Graham Court buildi...[Read More]

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