Fright Dome in Las Vegas Is A Can’t Miss Experience

Last week we went to Sin City to check out one of most fun haunts we’ve ever been to. On the North end of the Las Vegas Strip is Circus Circus‘s Adventure Dome, which once a year becomes a labyrinth of hauntingly good times, Fright Dome. Las Vegas might seem like a long distance to travel for a haunt, but it is definitely worth it, especially if you stop by The Freakling Bros. to make the trip all about the haunts.

Before stepping foot into the Fright Dome, we were lucky enough to experience the opening night black carpet event, complete with a row of monsters waiting for their chance to take on the Vegas celebs walking their way. We managed to catch up with a few stars, including former UFC owner Dana White, who was there with his daughter in hand, ready for the night’s festivities. It was also there where Jason Egan, Owner of Fright Dome, announced they were ranked 3rd top haunt in the country. Once we found our way in, it was hauntingly clear why.

The beauty of the atmosphere at Fright Dome is it’s hybrid indoor/outdoor feel. It’s such a large space that it’s easy to forget there is a roof. That is until the fog comes. It’s damn near impossible to see farther than fifteen feet ahead of you in the labyrinth of the Fright Dome. With its circular design, you can get anywhere you’re looking for while always seeming to get lost and completely disoriented. Otherwise known as the perfect storm for haunt guests.

Fright Dome boasts six haunts, including their scariest (and definitely most fun) haunt, the Gantom powered alone maze, Lights Out. If you plan on heading to Fright Dome, we recommend you hit this one early as the line tends to take a while to get through. That’s because you go through this haunt alone armed with only a faulty flashlight. It’s a nightmare of epic proportions inside those doors, complete with an ending so incredible that we will not describe it here. Okay, maybe just a little. Lights Out is like experiencing a virtual reality goggle experience but without the goggles. That maze alone is worth the admission of ticket price.

The other haunts are all great, expertly designed and the cast of characters really give it their all to give you an experience synonymous with Las Vegas. What makes the mazes at Fright Dome so unique, is their charismatic guides. In an effort to fight mid-maze conga lines, Fright Dome gives each group a haunt guide, who gives them backstory on the particular maze, but also ensures each group gets the most out of each haunt. After all, nothing quite ruins a haunt like watching the people in front of you get scared!

With all the haunted mazes, it’s easy to forget about the 25 thrill rides in the Fright Dome. Roller coasters are fun on their own, but it’s a special kind of thrill when you’re riding on a coaster through massive amounts of fog and creepy ambient lighting, making it impossible to see the track ahead of you.

Fright Dome is open on select nights through October with tickets starting at just under $40. If you enjoy haunts, then Fright Dome is a can’t miss experience. If you don’t believe us, go try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed, although you might end up lost more than once.