“Ghost Theory” A Realistic Ghost Hunting Game Is Back On Kickstarter

Perhaps the coolest video game in history is currently back fundraising on Kickstarter for round two and needs your help. From the Prague based gaming company Dreadlocks Ltd, comes the realistic ghost hunting RPG Ghost Theory.

Intrigued by your supernatural talent of clairvoyance, a struggling university department asks you to join their secret research team, making you a front-field operative in paranormal investigations. Using a wide range of ghost hunting gadgets and abilities you will conduct missions to investigate real haunted sites, collect samples and gather evidence.

Ghost Theory puts you right in the shoes of a real paranormal investigator. This isn’t a point and shoot game, there is no gun or plasma ray. Your tools include a voice log recorder, UV lamp, full spectrum camera, EMF meter, EVP recorder, and a pendulum. Basically, all the real tools used by actual ghost hunters. The point of the game is not to battle these evil spirits, but rather find and document them for research purposes.

What separates Ghost Theory from other games is it’s attention to details and use of the real world. All of the locations you will be sent to are real haunted places throughout the world. The Dreadlocks team painstakingly traveled around the world gathering permissions and information about actual hauntings and put them all in the game. Yes, that’s right, you get to do ghost hunts at actual haunted places. From the infamous Goldfield Hotel in United States, to the abandoned Poveglia island in Italy, and to The Suicide Forest Aokigahara in Japan, Ghost Theory will take you deep into real haunted locations as you search for the spirits which reside within them. In order to assure the most realistic locations and specific hauntings, Dreadlocks partnered up with several ghost hunters and tour groups around the world, making sure that each haunted location is haunted appropriately in the game. That’s not the only real world affects in the game. Several of the ghosts in the game are actual actors superimposed into the game to give it that extra touch of reality.

The team behind this game spared no expense in creating the ultimate ghost hunting experience. Your mere presence isn’t enough to make the poltergeists come out, you will have to find them and instigate their hauntings, as well as protect yourself from them once they get too dangerous. The point of the game isn’t to fight, but to search and react. Ghost Theory is being designed to be played on the Occulus VR headset, but will also be available to be played without the high-tech goggles.

Now here’s where Dreadlocks needs your help. In order to finish the work on their game, they need $71,178, or £50,000. This money will go to paying staff, developing new software, and all the expenses that usually come with creating a video game. Video games are incredibly expensive, and this money is the bare minimum they would need to keep the game from being cancelled. The more they raise, the more stretch goals they have, ranging from a making of documentary to extra levels, even motion capturing actors, and extra game play modes.

Note from the article author: Not being a hardcore gamer myself, Ghost Theory looks like something I’d never put down. The chance to explore haunted locations around the world with actual hauntings realistic to their locations sounds like a dream come true, not to mention the fact that I don’t have to shot anybody. The current launch date for Ghost Theory is sometime in September 2017, but that’s only if they meet their goal, so go to their Kickstarter and donate today!