Can You Escape Omescape In San Francisco?

If there is one thing we love here at We Are Indie Horror, it’s interactive experiences. From immersive theater to haunts to escape rooms, we love getting in the middle of the action and fighting our way out. While up in the Bay Area of California, we were lucky enough to find a fun and challenging escape game company locking people in rooms all around the world. We are talking about the Beijing b...[Read More]

Night Terrors – The Indie Game That Will Change How You Live

Augmented reality (AR) is on a roll thanks to Pokémon Go. AR is the technology behind Pokémon Go that allows people to see an “augmented” version of the real world by populating the screens of smartphones and tablets with interactive characters or objects. Augmented Reality, as Pokémon Go proved, can be really fun to play with. However, the technology could also be really terrifying. There’s a vid...[Read More]

Can You Escape Cross Roads Escape Games’ Hex Room 2.0?

Somewhere in Anaheim, just across the freeway from a particular theme parked run by a mouse lies a nondescript business park hiding the horrifying home to Cross Roads Escape Games. Their original Hex Room game changed the escape game scene, locking six people in individual rooms, and now they’ve revamped their game to make it even scarier, and We Are Indie Horror was there to experience every hear...[Read More]

‘Ghost Theory’ Ghost Hunting Game Needs Your Help!

Here at We Are Indie Horror we love anything horror. From films to video games to music to clothing lines, if it looks creepy we want to check it out. One video game, currently in development, we’ve been following for quite some time now is the ghost hunting adventure Ghost Theory. First covered here back in February, the team behind the game have recently announced that they’ve moved development ...[Read More]

First Look Into The Escape Hotel Hollywood

Every escape room fan has been drooling over the chance to enter the new Escape Hotel, which has been teasing fans with it’s large signage and creepy social media ads. For the past year, the team behind the illusive game has been hard at work turning what used to be The Geisha House into an escape game mecca. We Are Indie Horror was fortunate enough to be invited to stay at the hotel, and we were,...[Read More]

Ghost Theory Finds Funds From Kickstarter!

There have recently been a slew of games finding themselves on crowd funding websites. Many of us remember the Friday the 13th: The Game that pins players against each other as either the hockey mask wearing, machete wielding madman, or a bunch of horny teens.  Well One of our favorite new gaming concepts has recently completed their Kickstarter campaign and have even reached their stretch goal. W...[Read More]

“Death Choice” Is A Choose Your Own Adventure Slasher!! What Are You Waiting For?

How many times have you watched a movie in which the characters always make bad decisions? As bad as you feel for them, watching the glorious slaughter fest that follows is down right thrilling. If only there was a way to make those bad decisions for them. Oh wait, there is? The Lavin Production Company’s latest endeavor is a choose your own adventure slasher, Death Choice: Motel Mayhem The vision...[Read More]

“Ghost Theory” A Realistic Ghost Hunting Game Is Back On Kickstarter

Perhaps the coolest video game in history is currently back fundraising on Kickstarter for round two and needs your help. From the Prague based gaming company Dreadlocks Ltd, comes the realistic ghost hunting RPG Ghost Theory. Intrigued by your supernatural talent of clairvoyance, a struggling university department asks you to join their secret research team, making you a front-field operative in ...[Read More]

“7 Days to Die” Comes To Xbox And Playstation 4 This June

The ever rising popularity of indie horror games is growing steadily every day. With games like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Castlevania, horror and gaming have always gone hand in hand. The people at The Fun Pimps in conjunction with Telltale Publishing is bringing the popular PC game 7 Days to Die to consoles this June. 7 Days to Die has sold over 1.5 million copies on PC, Mac OS X, and Steam so ...[Read More]

We Escaped The Basement Escape Game, And The Study Game In Los Angeles.

Here at We Are Indie Horror, we believe that horror isn’t just for the screen. Immersive horror has been gaining a lot of steam in the past decade, with a rise in haunts around the country, with each one getting more extreme than the one before. Full immersion is something man y true horror fans have been waiting for, but if walking through  hallways filled with jump scares isn’t enough for you, t...[Read More]

FIRST LOOK: Indie Horror Game “Visage” Launches Kickstarter

We have talked about the latest game from SadSquare Studio in the past. For all the newcomers and those who forget easily, we have a special treat for you today. We Are Indie Horror is certainly a fan of horror based video games but sometimes the jump scares just do not do it. A few years back the first person horror puzzle game P.T. took the internet by storm. Quebec based indie video game develo...[Read More]

Cross Roads Escape Games Is Unlike Any Other Escape Game

Escape games have been popping up all around the world. Their unique puzzles and horror driven plots are the perfect way to get that Halloween haunt experience year round while presenting an interactive challenge. The newest escape game to open in Southern California is none other than FearMakers Madison and Luke Rhoades‘ Cross Roads Escape Games We’ve discussed these two before and after a long u...[Read More]

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