Ghost Theory Finds Funds From Kickstarter!

There have recently been a slew of games finding themselves on crowd funding websites. Many of us remember the Friday the 13th: The Game that pins players against each other as either the hockey mask wearing, machete wielding madman, or a bunch of horny teens.  Well One of our favorite new gaming concepts has recently completed their Kickstarter campaign and have even reached their stretch goal. We are talking about the real-life ghost hunting game, Ghost Theory

Ghost Theory is a first-person adventure horror game, designed to be a serious take on ghost hunting and paranormal research, featuring real-world haunted locations. The game is based off of real life hauntings, with each actual haunted location represented within the game. This isn’t a point and shoot game, the game development team at Dreadlocks Ltd have painstakingly recreated the actual hauntings that occur in these locations.

Play as a clairvoyant ghost hunter, in tune with the spirit world as you explore some of the most famous haunted locations in the world, and a few lesser known hauntings. Use tools such as voice log recorder, UV lamp, full spectrum camera, EMF meter, EVP recorder, and a pendulum to help find traces of the supernatural. Use your clairvoyant skills to see ghsots and visions of the past, further exploring their true stories.

One of the stretch goals also includes playing in your base camp. When you’re not on a mission, you’re at your base making choices of the course of the research and tool production. As you progress in the game you can expand the base of new premises. You need to watch your budget though because if you fail to deliver results, the university will cut the funding. You also have a team of ghost hunters that can go on non-playable missions,if they succeed they bring back more funds for your research.

Ghost Theory will be available on most gaming platforms, and is currently available for pre-order. We cannot wait to play this one of a kind game. If you pre-order, let us know!