“Death Choice” Is A Choose Your Own Adventure Slasher!! What Are You Waiting For?

“Death Choice” Is A Choose Your Own Adventure Slasher!! What Are You Waiting For?

How many times have you watched a movie in which the characters always make bad decisions? As bad as you feel for them, watching the glorious slaughter fest that follows is down right thrilling. If only there was a way to make those bad decisions for them. Oh wait, there is? The Lavin Production Company’s latest endeavor is a choose your own adventure slasher, Death Choice: Motel Mayhem

The visionaries behind Death Choice: Motel Mayhem are director and co-writer Kate Lavin and producer and co-writer Jeremy Friedrich. The part game, part film, all fun adventure stars Jeff Bailey, Drift Roberts, Steve Katz, Mike Schoepke, and David Stein

After a long day on the job, 3 construction workers, a hitchhiking hippie, and a psycho killer all meet up in a roadside motel. Once the welder-helmet wearing psycho shows up, all hell breaks loose and the blood doesn’t stop flowing. This video series is full of crazy violence, blood, wrenches, hammers, weed-wackers, laughs and lots of bad choices.

Once the characters are introduced and the night is calm, the man with the welding mask appears from behind. Stay or run, either way the road is packed with gory kills and loads of blood. We kept going back to the start to try different choices, and every time the kills are different and fun. It’s one thing to make a single film, but this team has managed to make almost a dozen to ensure that every choice takes its viewers to a different and unique story line. The amount of work that has gone into Death Choice must be astronomical, and that’s something we can’t ignore.

We played the shorter, free version of the game, but there is a full length adventure game which will be appearing at Motor City Nightmares Film Festival on April 22 at 11:30 AM in the Leelanau Room Screen 2.

If you can’t make it to Michigan this weekend, no worries. The festival version of the film is available for rent or purchase HERE. The game only costs one dollar to rent, and is definitely worth it.