“Z. Year One” New Card Game Goes Digital Today

Be honest, how would you react if someone came to you and said “I’ve got a game that combines Magic The Gathering and The Walking Dead“? Flashbacks of being a child turning the mana and playing the strong but slow zombie deck would pop up into all the people who have played Magic The Gathering growing up. We Are Indie Horror has been approached about a new game that does just that! Z. Year One is ...[Read More]

Silent Hills Inspires Second Game With “Visage”

Ever since Konami cancelled anything and everything related to Silent Hills, the world has never been the same. OK, not entirely true, but we were excited to play it after experiencing P.T. This loss has spawned new life back into horror gaming beginning with Allison Road, which we’ve talked about previously, and currently has two weeks to raise $200,000 to meet their Kickstarter goal. Now there’s...[Read More]

Rock Out to “Five Nights At Freddy’s” Live Action Music Video

If you’ve never played the game Five Nights At Freddy’s then you are truly missing out. The game series, designed by Scott Cowthon, revolves around a new nighttime security guard for a Chuck-E-Cheese style restaurant, which much like it’s real counterpart, has incredibly creepy animatronics. These creepy robots come to life at night, and it’s up to the security guard to stop them. There are curren...[Read More]

“Nevermind” Bio-Feedback Horror Game Released on 9/29

Modern technology is allowing for anybody to learn how to make art, be it a film or a video game. The trick is being unique and different in a market that is oversaturated with content. The game developing team at Flying Mollusk have done just that with their new steam game Nevermind, a bio-feedback horror adventure game. Erin Reynolds, who is head of the Nevermind team spoke with We Are Indie Hor...[Read More]

“Allison Road” On Path To Make Up For P.T. Cancellation

If you remember late last year, a strange game appeared on the Playstation Store; simply named P.T. If you were lucky enough to grab this terrifying game before spoilers went up on the internet about what it is and where it came from, you know the experience We Are Indie Horror had. Truly chilling, incredibly scary, and it even made us jump like little girls. Then a sad day came, we learned that t...[Read More]

New Steam Horror Game ‘A Wolf In Autumn’

If you don’t play games on Steam, maybe it’s time you should. Recently indie developers have been cranking out some new, imaginative games that challenge the current major gaming model. Steam creates more space for the artistic flow, creating some truly stunning game play and visuals The proof is right here, with the new trailer for A Wolf In Autumn A Wolf In Autumn a game by David Szymanski, is t...[Read More]

“Stairs” Descends to Hell in New Indie Steam Game

As technology grows and improves so do the capabilities to create video games. As time goes on more and more companies are forming to create new and exciting ways to play, especially within the horror genre. Today a trailer for a new steam game hits the web and it looks terrifying. Indie horror game Stairs will be bringing a true story to life for unsuspected players. Greylight Entertainment is ta...[Read More]

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