“Allison Road” On Path To Make Up For P.T. Cancellation

If you remember late last year, a strange game appeared on the Playstation Store; simply named P.T. If you were lucky enough to grab this terrifying game before spoilers went up on the internet about what it is and where it came from, you know the experience We Are Indie Horror had. Truly chilling, incredibly scary, and it even made us jump like little girls. Then a sad day came, we learned that this demo made by Guillermo Del Toro and Konomai split ways and cancelled the new Silent Hills game.

Well survival horror game fans, time to rejoice because a new project has launched on Kickstarter called Allison Roadand in the wake of the cancellation of Silent Hills, Lilith LTD have jumped to the rescue with this brand new awesome looking game. Allison Road is highly inspired by P.T and looks to be just as terrifying.

In this survival horror, you have to find out what happened to your family through a house that vaguely resembles a house from Amityville. Lilith LTD promises Allison Road will focus on what makes horror good; the story, the sounds, the game mechanics, and the passion behind it. According to their Kickstarter campaign, this began as a passion project. Chris Kelser started creating the game by himself and was working on it for six months before he hand picked a diverse ten person team to finish the project. As for the story, the team specifies that each character has a deep and disturbing back story that ties in with the main narrative. They promise to return to the roots of true psychological horror where as it is just as much about what you don’t see versus what you do see. And as for the sound, you can check out the Kickstarter page where they give you some samples of this chilling soundtrack created by incredibly talented composers who understand the importance of sound in creating fear.

With any crowd sourcing campaign the incentives are off the hook. For a little over $23 (they are from England, so the exact numbers are in British Pounds) you will receive the game via Steam upon release. And for just under $40 you receive a console of your choosing, PS4 or XBox One, disc. The incentives just get more exciting from there with an opportunity to receive the side story they are creating, to a physical copy of the creepy soundtrack, all the way up to a special invite to the launch party where you get to be one of the first to play this game, in a dark room, by yourself and then enjoy some food and drinks with Lilith LTD afterwards.

Take a look at a sample of the game play in the video below.If you are looking to support this project head on over to the KICKSTARTER now to show your support and love for great horror games. While you are there just check out everything they have to show about this game. Trust us, it is worth it.