In life certain choices creates paths, some of which can lead behind a camera, be it from film schools, backyard b-movies, or just sheer passion which refuses to let go. In the entertainment industry there is no one right way to get to where you want to go. Whichever path is taken, they all have a similar destination; that sweet moment when action is called and the script begins to take form in front of your very eyes. It’s a beautiful moment that can easily be lost unless you take the time to look for it. This week’s Featured FearMaker’s path is a rocking one, making music videos and balancing the business side of the music industry all while creating dark videos. Her name is April Bedan, and this is her story.

Born in Denver, Colorado, April Bedan‘s love for horror began at the age of five, when her grandfather let her watch Elvira, Mistress of the Dark to keep her entertained. The film sparked something inside April, something that began to grow and would inevitably turn into a full fledged love for the genre.

April Bedan relocated to East Texas in her younger years, where she continues to work today. After graduating high school, April went on to study psychology, earning herself a degree from Tyler Junior College. During this time she began working as a booking agent for the horror music artist KARDIAC. Her unrelenting drive and passion earned her the title of manager, now in charge of all booking and business matters.

After years of constant progression, April and KARDIAC dove head first into the film industry. In 2014, April Bedan shot and directed her first music video, “The Country Road Cover Up” which premiered exclusively on Fangoria. Not long after that, KARDIAC was signed to Fangoria Musick, where they released In The Pripheral” the full length album.

April began working on the next music video for the song “The Cleanser” which would be again exclusively released on Fangoria. While scouting for locations, April came upon The Taylor Meat Company, where the 2003 remake of Tobe Hooper‘s Texas Chainsaw Massacre was filmed. She gained exclusive interior access to the famed filming location, where she and KARDIAC shot their video.

Now anyone in April’s position would find themselves at an eventual impasse. Does she continue making music videos, or try her hand at cinema. Inspired by one of KARDIAC’s songs, April began to work on her first short film, I Wish I Could Forget. April worked on location scouting while KARDIAC penned the script. Her luck struck once again when she was granted full access permission to shoot her film at the Graystone Haunted Manor, a horror attraction in Longview, Texas. The film stars KARDIAC, Dusty Bean and Keith Brooks, with April Bedan directing. The film went on to screen at a few festivals, including Etheria’s Women Underground at the world renown Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California.

April still manages KARDIAC, and since then has pulled the role of manager for Fangoria Musick. Her drive and determination are how she was able to go from a Psychology student to head of a music group, all while finding time to put herself behind a camera. When it comes to advice, April sounds more like a professional wrestler than a filmmaker, but the advice is solid, “Never Give Up.” “ [It] sounds so corny, but it definitely has always been in the back of my mind in any project or endeavor I pursue. That simple line has kept me going and has helped me be more optimistic in everything I do. All I can say is: no matter what, never give up.