“Stairs” Descends to Hell in New Indie Steam Game

“Stairs” Descends to Hell in New Indie Steam Game

As technology grows and improves so do the capabilities to create video games. As time goes on more and more companies are forming to create new and exciting ways to play, especially within the horror genre. Today a trailer for a new steam game hits the web and it looks terrifying. Indie horror game Stairs will be bringing a true story to life for unsuspected players.

Greylight Entertainment is taking a mysterious and scary tragedy and turning it into a first-person psychological horror game with Stairs. The premise is simple; a trio of missing persons and one journalist’s efforts to find them.

Let us show you one man, plummeting into madness. As you descend into the depths within Stairs, you will face horror, despair, and sadness.

Using only his photo camera and trusted journal, the journalist Christopher Adams sets out to unravel the mystery behind the Stairs. What lurks down in the darkness?

Stairs is a first person horror game, in which the journalist Christopher Adams sets out to find out what happened to three missing people: Valerie Berkley, a high scool graduate; James Reed, a young businessman; and Jean Jowars Remens, a charismatic pastor.

Stairs does not follow one single story, but several, entwined with one another through peoples histories. Each level is its own story set in its own place different from all others and yet connected. Every story presented takes inspiration from actual event between human beings, we have only decided to tell them in a new way.


Sounds pretty intense. You can stream Stairs on steam on September 28. Good luck!