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Interview: ‘Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories’ Caleb Shore!

The people behind Volumesof Blood: Horror Stories couldn’t have asked for a better year as the film continues to garner critical acclaim from various horror outlets (yours truly included). Although all the hype surely has fans of the first feature Volumes of Blood in a frenzy, it won’t be until 2017 that most audiences will likely see the much-anticipated anthology horror film. In the meantime, ho...[Read More]

Interview: Barbara Crampton Talks “Beyond The Gates”

With her roles in such ’80s horror classics as Re-Animator, Chopping Mall, and From Beyond, as well as her comeback films You’re Next and We Are Still Here, it can readily be said that actress Barbara Crampton is an icon of the genre. In Beyond the Gates, the debut feature from Jackson Stewart, however, Crampton takes on a new role in addition to that of an actress, for the first time she’s a prod...[Read More]

Night Terrors – The Indie Game That Will Change How You Live

Augmented reality (AR) is on a roll thanks to Pokémon Go. AR is the technology behind Pokémon Go that allows people to see an “augmented” version of the real world by populating the screens of smartphones and tablets with interactive characters or objects. Augmented Reality, as Pokémon Go proved, can be really fun to play with. However, the technology could also be really terrifying. There’s a vid...[Read More]

PUFF Review: Mystery/Thriller ‘Dead Body’ is a Bloody Hit

In the Victorian Era, way before smart phones and video games, the upper and middle class passed the time with parlor games. These games took the form of group based activities with one of the most known being Charades. The film Dead Body is about a group of recent high school graduates and a parlor game that goes terribly awry. Before they head out to college, and in celebration of their mileston...[Read More]

The Monster Channel Debuts PUFF Short Films

Short films tend to be a tough sell. After their initial festival run, if they are lucky enough, most sit on YouTube or Vimeo waiting to be seen again. The rare occasion brings the short film to the spotlight gaining millions of views a la The Smiling Man or Lights Out. Even rarer, the shorts get turned into features with the particular method being used for future feature films. Thanks to the Phi...[Read More]

‘Ghost Theory’ Ghost Hunting Game Needs Your Help!

Here at We Are Indie Horror we love anything horror. From films to video games to music to clothing lines, if it looks creepy we want to check it out. One video game, currently in development, we’ve been following for quite some time now is the ghost hunting adventure Ghost Theory. First covered here back in February, the team behind the game have recently announced that they’ve moved development ...[Read More]

Delusion Returns To An Almost Sold Out Run

Being a horror fan means going to a theater, waiting for the lights to go down and settling in your seat with reckless abandon and beckoning the fear to enter your world. Or maybe it’s cozying up with H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King, letting horror play out in your mind’s eye. In our modern age, there are even more ways to consume horror media, whether it’s video games or new media, the horror will...[Read More]

Interview: ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Moses J. Moseley Chats About Upcoming ‘Volumes of Blood’ Sequel

We are Indie Horror had the opportunity to chat, via Skype, with actor Moses J. Moseley who will appear in the sequel to the anthology feature Volumes of Blood (check out the full review). The sequel, titled Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories, is currently in production. In the interview, Moseley talked about working on season three of the hit AMC show The Walking Dead and Volumes of Blood: Horror S...[Read More]

“Ghost Theory” A Realistic Ghost Hunting Game Is Back On Kickstarter

Perhaps the coolest video game in history is currently back fundraising on Kickstarter for round two and needs your help. From the Prague based gaming company Dreadlocks Ltd, comes the realistic ghost hunting RPG Ghost Theory. Intrigued by your supernatural talent of clairvoyance, a struggling university department asks you to join their secret research team, making you a front-field operative in ...[Read More]

“7 Days to Die” Comes To Xbox And Playstation 4 This June

The ever rising popularity of indie horror games is growing steadily every day. With games like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Castlevania, horror and gaming have always gone hand in hand. The people at The Fun Pimps in conjunction with Telltale Publishing is bringing the popular PC game 7 Days to Die to consoles this June. 7 Days to Die has sold over 1.5 million copies on PC, Mac OS X, and Steam so ...[Read More]

Jim Hansen and Jeffery Self INTERVIEW For Their New Film You’re Killing Me

Writer and actor Jeffery Self and director Jim Hansen are currently getting ready for the release of their new horror comedy You’re Killing Me. The film stars Self and Matthew McKelligon as George and Joe, two young gay men in a newly found relationship. The only problem is that Joe is a serial killer. Despite the fact that Joe constantly tells George about his killings, George plays them off as a...[Read More]

BLOOD BANK: Exclusive Interview With “Visage”

There has been a fascinating trend in video games recently, particularly horror games. We all have spoken about the multiple new types of games coming out. Everything ranging from Five Night At Freddy’s to the blood bank from two weeks ago Ghost Theory. One game in particular has taken a beloved style emulated in a teaser game that shook the world and has turned the volume up to 11 on all things h...[Read More]

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