The Monster Channel Debuts PUFF Short Films

Short films tend to be a tough sell. After their initial festival run, if they are lucky enough, most sit on YouTube or Vimeo waiting to be seen again. The rare occasion brings the short film to the spotlight gaining millions of views a la The Smiling Man or Lights Out. Even rarer, the shorts get turned into features with the particular method being used for future feature films. Thanks to the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival co-directors and The Monster Channel, there is a new outlet for short films to be seen.

Starting this week Philadelphia’s film underground is reaching out to the world via a half-hour anthology series of short films airing exclusively on The Monster ChannelPUFF: The Best of Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival 2016 is produced by the co-directors of the film festival, Madeleine Koestner and Alex Garrdner along with a partnership with Dan Persons of the Philly video boutique Upstart Company. The series will feature a diverse selection of films from across the United States.

The episode, which debuted yesterday, will feature four shorts which will be connected by excerpts from Phil Showzen’s sploosherific “maternity-horror” makeup effects extravaganza, Wet Nurse Trilogy

The shorts featured are as follows:

In CRSHN ON U, director Mark Rubbo casts his actors into a vivid, digital landscape for his wickedly demonic take on the swipe-right culture of 21st century mating.

THE SUMMONERS features director Sean Gill’s constantly roving camera as it captures the spooky party games of a group of revelers, and how in a second all the fun can go horribly, horribly wrong.

A mad showman preps his “puppets” for his most innovative performance in MARIONETTE, director Brandon Tanczak‘s salute to the traditions of indie horror.

And the pseudonymous director known as A Color Green uses the serene backdrop of the deep forest to frame a disturbing tale of mutilation and death in the stark, dialogue-free MUTE

Taking the show into and out of commercial breaks will be excerpts from Phil Showzen’s sploosherific, “maternity-horror” makeup effects extravaganza, WET NURSE TRILOGY.

The show will be re-airing through the end of October; viewers are advised to consult The Monster Channel’s listings at

The producers caution that some viewers may find the content of this show disturbing and offensive, which is right up our ally.

The Monster Channel can be accessed through its website at, or through its Roku app.