Delusion Returns To An Almost Sold Out Run

Delusion Returns To An Almost Sold Out Run

Being a horror fan means going to a theater, waiting for the lights to go down and settling in your seat with reckless abandon and beckoning the fear to enter your world. Or maybe it’s cozying up with H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King, letting horror play out in your mind’s eye. In our modern age, there are even more ways to consume horror media, whether it’s video games or new media, the horror will be televised in our homes. Now, the most anticipated horror theatrical experience has finally returned, the interactive haunted play company Delusion

Here’s the official description:

“Helmed by visionary creator Jon Braver, this year’s show, titled His Crimson Queen, returns to the West Adams district of downtown Los Angeles via a new beautiful villa that will set the stage for Delusion’s highly unique and stylized universe. An all new, original, interactive storyline will transform audiences into the children of Selene & Berke Sullivan as they are called upon by their father to navigate their way through 1930s prohibition era, on a dark and dangerous journey uncovering their mother’s twisted past with the supernatural. In order for the Sullivan children to make good on their quest, they must interact with their environment by unearthing clues, engaging with the strange and surreal characters of the villa…and surviving, lest they stumble.”

Think of it as a more theatrical, horror-themed escape room, Delusion is completely interactive with its attendees becoming an important part of the story. There’s no barrier of a movie screen or a book cover to protect you from the terrors which await inside. The horror experience unfolds right before your eyes and you hold an integral part in it, thereby creating an entirely unique horror event.

Former executive producer of Delusion, Neil Patrick Harris, described it as, “Delusion re-imagines and redefines the horror experience with an innovative blend of theatrics and action in a live performance that has never been done before. There are no seats, no comfort of the fourth wall and audience members really have to engage and participate to move the story forward.

Delusion will run from September 29th to November 13th at 2200 S. Harvard Blvd in Los Angeles. Tickets sell out fast, so get your tickets now via Flavorus

And once you’ve survived Delusion, you can brag about it with #playyourpart on social media.

Have fun, horror fans.