“Z. Year One” New Card Game Goes Digital Today

Be honest, how would you react if someone came to you and said “I’ve got a game that combines Magic The Gathering and The Walking Dead“? Flashbacks of being a child turning the mana and playing the strong but slow zombie deck would pop up into all the people who have played Magic The Gathering growing up. We Are Indie Horror has been approached about a new game that does just that!

Z. Year One is a brand new card game to act as the zombie equivalent of Magic: The Gathering; of course changing a few things here and there. The new and exciting zombie game is being brought to life by Downward Viral. Over the past few years the game has evolved and changed due to a high influx of information from their community, a lengthy and organic creative process, countless play tests, and the involvement of hundreds of talented individuals who help bring the cards to life.  Currently the game is striving for two different formats: Physical and multi-platform digital edition.

Both editions contain a similar game play style. First you choose your side; are you a survivor or one of the fallen? Each match promises your very own unique zombie horror film. There are location decks that bring an immersive and dynamic layer to the standard Custom Combat Gaming style. Each image on the cards is a high quality photograph, utilizing intense make-up effects and real actors.

First and foremost Z. Year One is a tabletop card game. Due to a successful 2013 Kickstarter, the team was able to create a limited edition physical set. It supports 2-4 players (or 5-6 unofficially) and will be in production starting in January. The set will include over 400 cards, which is the largest custom combat game core set available. The game itself requires a six sided, ten sided, and twenty sided dice. If you purchase the collector’s edition box, you will receive all the dies along with rule and achievement cards and print and play access to the core set and expansions.

The digital version of Z. Year One will bring the exciting and unique tabletop experience to your screens. Key features included are robust single-player AND multiplayer modes. Players will be able to customize their deck from over 600 cards with plans to grow. The locations in the digital version are immersive and 3D. They have created diverse and unique attack animations along with character dialogue. To even further the immersive experience live-action cinematics are added in. There is also a slew of customization so each player can really show their personality. The digital version will be coming to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Breaking news from the Z. Year One camp: Downward Viral has announced they are teaming with the epic indie worlds of Hotline MiamiGoat SimulatorRepublique, and Dead State to bring you brand new crossover packs. The new packs will feature new cards, weapons, and exclusive charm items which will bring exciting new tactics to the collectible card game.

As of November 3, 2015 Z. Year One is presented on Steam Greenlight to be voted in by peers to be available on Steam. To show your support on Steam CLICK HERE. Downward Viral is also currently running a final Kickstarter to help raise the remaining funds for their project. They are incredibly close to their goal and with the right amount of sharing and support, they can do it and in 2016 the horror game community will have a worthy addition. Check out the latest trailer below followed by a special look into the game and be sure to share and support.