New Steam Horror Game ‘A Wolf In Autumn’

If you don’t play games on Steam, maybe it’s time you should. Recently indie developers have been cranking out some new, imaginative games that challenge the current major gaming model. Steam creates more space for the artistic flow, creating some truly stunning game play and visuals The proof is right here, with the new trailer for A Wolf In Autumn

A Wolf In Autumn a game by David Szymanski, is tentatively scheduled to be released next month. It tells the following story:

After escaping from a locked shed, a young girl finds herself in the middle of an idyllic autumn forest. At first her surroundings seem peaceful, and she’s comforted by her mother’s voice coming through a strange tin device. But gradually, things begin to turn disturbing and sinister. And the distant howling of wolves begins to move closer…

A Wolf in Autumn is a dark, surreal psychological horror game from the developer of Fingerbones, The Moon Sliver, and The Music Machine. It focuses on creating a short engaging horror experience that relies on narrative, pacing, context, and atmosphere rather than jump scares.

The trailer shows off it’s psychedelic, yet dark environments. Based on the game play they show, we cannot wait to get a hold of this game. Well done David, well done.