Review: Emotions Run High in Short ‘Love is Dead’

From Sickening Pictures and Dexahlia Productions comes the dramatic short film Love is Dead. The 10-minute film stars adult film actors Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson and Joanna Angel and features genre actor Ruben Pla (Insidious, Big Ass Spider!). Love is Dead is written and directed by Jerry Smith, horror film journalist whose work has been featured in such illustrious publications as Fangoria, Blumhouse, and Icons of Fright

Love is Dead, traverses the gravel ridden and an imperfect road that is love. Like Edgar Allan Poe, love is a pained and tortured thing, in this short film, that leads people to hyperbolic actions and irrevocable damage. It is a powerful emotion that obfuscates judgment and leads people to actions that are seemingly tethered on a string, like a marionette, by an omnipotent hand in control of our actions. Director Jerry Smith gives us a glimpse at the final moments of a relationship, when a couple takes a shower fully naked, and thus, both, physically and emotionally exposed and vulnerable, we are given an intimate window into an agonizing and splintering relationship.

Love is Dead is painful to watch not because of a monstrous presence, but because baring it all, and the strife between individuals, is messier than any damage a killer or monster could wreak. Our inner demons conflict and clash with the associations we make potentially damaging relationships unwillingly. Emotional baggage is dealt individually but its consequences are a ripple effect that touches upon those that are close to us. There is a pathos in Love is Dead that is honest and sublime and one that reveals the ugliness of our inter-human entanglements.

You can check out the dramatic Love is Dead for free below.