Indie Horror “Lost Creek” Brings Back Memories of Halloween As A Child

Indie Horror “Lost Creek” Brings Back Memories of Halloween As A Child

Being a child in October was always a blast. All month long you plan your perfect costume for the 31st and then when the glorious holiday of Halloween arrived, the candy flowed like Niagara Falls. It was a night of wonder and spookiness. Now the upcoming indie horror flick Lost Creek will attempt to recapture the scary world of being a kid around Halloween.

Lost Creek will be the feature film debut for Writer and Director Colin Adams-Toomey. It tells the following story:

Eleven-year-old Peter Rowland has just moved with his mother to the town of Brackenvale.  There he meets Maggie, a mysterious girl with whom he shares an instant bond.  As Peter settles into his new life, he realizes something is wrong in the town.  He is plagued by nightmares, and the scary things from his imagination are becoming more and more real with each passing night.  With Halloween coming soon, Maggie and Peter discover something frightening waits in the woods near Lost Creek.  They must band together to face their fears, and uncover the dark secret of Lost Creek before it’s too late.  Come to the world of Lost Creek, and remember: childhood is a magical time, even when it’s scary.  And it’s always bittersweet when the adventure has to end.

The film which was shot in and around Newark, Delware stars Oliver Stockman, Brad Larson, and Bethany Duff. Working with a mainly green and young child cast must have been a challenging feat for an indie film. Lost Creek utilized familiar locations including Adams-Toomey‘s own childhood home as the setting for the story. It was produced entirely independently by Adams-Tommey and his crew. It is produced by writing partner Dan John Witherall and cinematographer Kevin Eikenberg.

Along with the talented local team, other members of the crew have been accomplished as independent artists. Musician, Eric Chapman of the band Square Peg Round Hole provided the original soundtrack for the film. Lost Creek will also feature music from the indie rock band Murder By Death.

Check out the trailer below and be sure We Are Indie Horror will keep you up to date on this film with hopefully a review in the near future.