FIRST LOOK: Indie Horror Game “Visage” Launches Kickstarter

FIRST LOOK: Indie Horror Game “Visage” Launches Kickstarter

We have talked about the latest game from SadSquare Studio in the past. For all the newcomers and those who forget easily, we have a special treat for you today.

We Are Indie Horror is certainly a fan of horror based video games but sometimes the jump scares just do not do it. A few years back the first person horror puzzle game P.T. took the internet by storm. Quebec based indie video game developers SawSquare Studio took the cancellation of P.T. successor as an opportunity. Lovers of all things horror they took the opportunity by the horns and ran with their first project, which is gaining a ton of steam across the inter webs, Visage

Putting the player in the eyes of the main character, Visage, pulls influences from classic psychological horror like Phantasmagoria and Amnesia. To separate themselves from other genre games, there will be randomized gameplay elements and a blend of photorealistic environments with hits on surreal and nightmarish images. The player of the game is left with no weapons, no defenses, and no tutorials on how to stay sane. You are being hunted, you will be attacked, and they promise you will die. Their advice; search everything, interact with the environment, and try to find clues to help you escape while not going completely mad. Each player and each gaming session will be unique and completely unpredictable.

Today we are proud to announce that Visage has launched their Kickstarter to help make the game a reality. Their goal is only $35,000 to help get  release on PC. If successful we will see a release on consoles and hopefully V.R. support for the full immersive experience. Be on the lookout because We Are Indie Horror will be having an exclusive Blood Bank featuring SadSquare Studio and Visage

Along with the launch of the Kickstarter, we get a brand new trailer for the game which you can see below first! The trailer features approximately 12 minutes of gameplay and boy is it filled with terror. Creepy hallways and the tension of something lurking behind every corner creates just a fun watching experience – we could not imagine how awesome it will be to actually play. Eventually you end up in one of the nightmarish visions mentioned above and nightmare is a nice word to describe what you see. After viewing the trailer head on over to their Kickstarter and help them out by either sharing or donating. Also check out the cool photos they shared with us as well as keeping an eye out for the coming Blood Bank