Wes Craven’s “The Girl In The Photographs” Gets A 2016 Release!

Wes Craven’s “The Girl In The Photographs” Gets A 2016 Release!

Here in the horror world, we are all still bummed out and mourning the lost of one of the greatest legends to ever grace the genre. Wes Craven is hands down one of the best minds to ever create horror. And good news for all the Craven fans; his last film in which he executive produced will see a release in 2016. The Girl In The Photographs was the last film in which he produced before he passed away on August 30, 2015.

Premiering during the Midnight Madness at Toronto International Film FestivalThe Girl In The Photographs is a return to the slasher genre for Craven. The film is directed by Nick Simon who also co-wrote the script with Osgood Perkins and Robert Morast. The official synopsis is as follows:

Big-city glamour clashes with small-town values when a celebrity photographer and his entourage descend upon a sleepy community to investigate the bloody doings of a serial killer.

Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar fame plays the lead as the celebrity photographer. The cast is rounded out with Claudia LeeKenny Wormald, and Toby Hemingway. The director of photography on the project, Dean Cundey, has an incredible list of credits to his name including Back To The Future and Jurassic Park. The combination of all these powerhouses with Craven seems like solid film. Like some of the more recent Craven films; this one has been labeled by TIFF as “equal parts an homage to the slasher genre and a clever manipulation of its tropes”.

When Craven was first given the script back in 2014 he had this to say:

Sometimes you read a script and you just know. From first draft to final cut, Nick has told a unique story that will leave you wondering: Is it always good to be noticed? It has been a pleasure to work with Nick from his days in my WGA mentor group to picture lock. You’ll be hearing from him again

We trust the horror master and are very excited to see what this film can bring to the table. Good or bad, his legacy still remains and although his name may not appear on any films past this one, his inspiration and influence will be felt for the rest of horror history.

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