Girls and Corpses Presents “All I Need” And The FIRST Exclusive Photos

Friends of We Are Indie Horror Girls and Corpses Presents has added a new horror film to their growing lineup. All I Need is the latest addition which is written and directed by new comer Dylan NarangNarang plans to take the slasher genre and add a few twists and turns along the way while showcasing his own directorial vision.

All I Need tells the following story:

A young woman, Chloe, wakes bound and gagged in a dirty motel room. Disoriented, it only takes a moment to realize the horrifying situation she finds herself in. The room is filled with other young women, not unlike her: beautiful, undressed, and bound. However, she’s the only one that wakes up – and the only one that can hide when the Killer who’s set it all in motion comes to make his withdrawal from the room. Concurrently, a man desperate for work, Andrew, takes a new job to provide for the daughter his estranged wife keeps from him. The new job pays plenty, but increasingly questions Andrew’s morals and will force him to ask how far he will go as his new “work” comes face-to-face with Chloe’s predicament.

The film stars Caitlin Stasey Reign), Rachel Melvin Zombeavers), and Marcus Taylor Deadheads). When Girls and Corpses Presents caught the film at Shriekfest, they immediately knew they must have it. The film offers a “directorial vision, reminiscent of a burgeoning Hitchock, Narang creates a unique and terrifying film.” They call Dyaln Narang a “visionary director who will define the horror medium in new ways”

When asked about his film Dylan had this to say:

All I Need, at its heart, is about entitlement and survival at all costs. What makes the film different is that we tried to make a film that tonally felt very similar to thriller/horror films from the 70s in terms of color, style, shot design, and structure while also presenting a modern take on the genre. What I mean by the modern take is that the film was intended to be silent (non-dialogue) and in real-time. We wake up with the main character, don’t know what she doesn’t know, and only learn what she’s able to learn throughout the film. In that way, it would be viscerally relatable for fans of the genre.”

The film seems to be presenting an intriguing structure that when done right will absolutely hold it’s own in the modern world. We have some never before seen photos from the film. Check them out below and be sure to catch the film when it releases shortly.