Indie Thriller ‘Valley of Ditches’ Get’s North American Release Date In March!

One thing we love to see here is films we love made by great people find their way to flourish in front of an anticipated audience. So many wonderful films travel festivals only to be buried never to be seen again. Lucky for us, one such film has managed to beat the odds and has been picked up by Toronto-based 108 Media, who has picked up Chris Lang’s micro-budget thriller about survival, Valley of Ditches

The film follows a young girl, played by the film’s co-writer Amanda Todisco, who must fight for survival after being left for dead in the desert, chained to her dead boyfriend. Yes, that is the beginning of the film, it only gets more intense from there. Valley of Ditches premiered at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood as part of the prestigious Dances with Films festival last June and has since had a targeted festival run, screening in Florida, the Pacific Northwest, and England.

108 Media has picked up Valley of Ditches for a North American release on March 21st. The film will be available on iTunes,, Google Play, Vudu and Xbox live. the film’s writing team of Chris Lang and Amanda Todisco were recently on the official We Are Indie Horror podcast, Tea Time of Terror talking about their micro-budget film.

Be sure and catch Valley of Ditches on its release. Not only will you be supporting some incredibly talented independent horror filmmakers, but you’ll be in for one hell of a ride. Until then, you’ll have to settle for the teaser trailer and a few promotional images courtesy of 108 Media